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The Not-so-Sunny South


By eirlys


Like most people here, I am sure, we have snow, about four inches of it. The garden looks beautiful in all that pristine white with the odd scrap of green peering through. No paper or milk deliveries but, fortunately, we did our weekly shop yesterday.

The two cats are fast asleep curled up together in their cushioned box in front of the boiler. I reckon they think it’s Christmas every day as they have always been garden shed cats until a few months ago. Then we decided to have a cat flap in the back door . Didn’t realise double glazing meant extra cost but decided to go ahead anyway. Jasper and Horace are 16 this year so in human terms they are 112. They are handsome cats, on loan to us for the past 14 years from our daughter! They used to be the Lager Louts of the lane but now have become respectable Oldies.

Husband has been out shaking snow from Acer branches as he doesn’t want to lose any. Reckon he has a day’s work there as it is still snowing.

What a godsend a PC is for keeping in touch with family and friends. Schools are closed here as are roads to traffic. Well cars keep trying but are abandoned on hills.
Home is the best place to be today.

What’s your area like?

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We have snow as well in the part of Germany where I live. It means that the roads are difficult to drive on......even with my 4 wheel drive SUV...

18 Jan, 2013


In East Devon we have had 6 hours of snow, and none of it has settled, just a little on the hills that I can see.
Suits me fine really dislike it the older I get.

18 Jan, 2013


It does look nice when sat indoors looking out but my poor hubby is stranded out in it and won`t get home, I`m waiting for a call to tell me he is off the roads and managed to find a meal and a bed for the night...

18 Jan, 2013


Lincslass: I hope your husband is settled somewhere warm and comfortable. It's no joke being far away from home in this weather.

Lizzibee: Snow not settled in Devon? I thought you'd be feet under snow. Know what you mean about disliking snow as one gets older. How could I slide and skate along when I was young. I must have been mad!

Rog: I thought the roads would have been well-seen-to as the Germans are so practical and good about these things.

Friends in Canada say we don't really know what snow is like! They have a point.

18 Jan, 2013


Parts of Devon have had some snow, especially on the moors, but no serious problems, maybe ours is yet to come.

18 Jan, 2013


It doesn't seem so bad here as some other places, and I'm so glad :o)
Cats do like warm places don't they. Blodyn has been sleeping in a drawer all day lol, but the old stray cat that comes here (we call him Smokey) he won't stay inside.

I did try to push some snow off my shrubs, but didn't stay out long !

18 Jan, 2013


Dare I say it .....? Shhhhhh! We haven't got any of that four-letter-word beginning with 's' .... yet. It's promised ..... perhaps if I keep very quiet it'll pass by? Shhhhhhhhhhh ............

19 Jan, 2013


Nariz: You are very welcome to some of the snow we have around! Aren't I kind? :O)

19 Jan, 2013


Hm ..... not sure who your 'kindness' is for .....? If you're giving it to me .... then you don't have it. Nah - kind offer, but you keep it. I get the feeling from looking at the sky that we're about to get our share in buckets!!!!!!!!!! :o(((

20 Jan, 2013

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