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I didn't know this. I expect you did!!


By eirlys


Some of you may have seen my photograph of George, the plant we inherited from our daughter.

To be honest I have never bothered to find out what plant it is, This morning, however, I casually asked my husband if he knew . He said it was a “Dumb Crane”, official name, Dieffenbachia.

I thought the name “Dumb Crane” an odd one and asked for details. He said it was a poisonous plant and that one symptom was loss of speech, hence the name!

I know lots of plants are toxic but I looked up George’s credentials and they can make grim reading, if true.


There are other links with more lurid details.

Well I didn’t know this. Did you? I expect you did!!

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I didn't know either. Are you going to dispose of it?

15 Mar, 2013


Well we had the mother plant for years, Annella, so, no, I intend to keep the offspring. It's well away from the cats.

I think many many plants need more care than we give them. I know cats can die if they are in close contact with some lilies.

Our Siamese used to try and eat daffodil petals. We stopped her but more to protect the indoor arrangements at that time. Since then I've discovered that daffodils can be toxic.

However did I survive as a child, growing up with greenhouses and strange plants around me?

15 Mar, 2013


Yes I knew. I used to have one. I could have told you if I'd realised you didn't know.

15 Mar, 2013


That's something I knew too, I try not to have toxic plants if I can help it, especially in the house.

15 Mar, 2013


I alsoknew and so many plants have toxic parts but I dont have the urge to eat them so I dont bother worrying about it. I told the girls when they were little that they were not to eat anything with out checking first.

15 Mar, 2013


I grow other Aroids such as Colocasia and Alocasia and these are actually edible (leaves and roots) BUT they must be cooked well beforehand as they too contain calcium oxalate crystals, which can cause at least irritation of the throat, but are broken down in the cooking process. I must say though that I think most of the leaves are far too impressive to cut and cook!

Though that said my rabbit has on occasion sampled various with seeming impunity!

15 Mar, 2013

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