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Buried Treasure!


By eirlys


Can you guess what lies beneath that green cover?

Nothing nasty, I assure you. It’s the way my husband protects our collection of Alstroemeria plants.

On holiday one year I bought some Alstroemeria flowers. They lasted ages and were so beautiful we decided to look up where we could buy some plants.

We were fortunate. Viv’s Garden Centre,( Alstroemeria specialist), near Shrewsbury wasn’t far away and we immediately made our way there. Of course we were soon hooked on these beautiful plants and now we have quite a collection.

We bought our plants in pots and re-planted them in our flower bed. To our dismay they did not do well. I suggested we re-plant them back into their original pots as we had bought them that way, and the plants flourished.

Every Winter the pots are covered with masses of dried leaves, plastic sheets, and, finally, the top green cover.

The first Winter we uncovered the plants and were horrified to find the pots covered by white worm-like “roots” (can’t recall the correct word).

A panic call to Viv Marsh soon put us right. He told us not to worry. We had a great show and picked masses of flowers.

Viv told us he believed in the sort of protection my husband had followed. Wisley didn’t, and Viv lost some of his plants there as a result.

So, no buried bodies under the green cover but lots of buried treasures!

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You've got them well protected there. I've never grown them but I think they are lovely flowers.
I hope you have a good show this year with them :o)

22 Mar, 2013


Would love to see a picture of them in full bloom.

22 Mar, 2013


I do have photos somewhere so I'll try and find them.

As cut flowers they are so long-lasting. Daughter gave me two bunches as part of Mother's Day gift and they still look good.

I wanted that image at the top of the blurb, Hywel!

23 Mar, 2013


Well done hubby, I tried some once and loved them unfortunately I lost them all even though I popped them into the g'house over winter, he has them snug and warm in their blanket so lets hope we all get to see some of your blooms this year, its always a relief when our treasures make it through the seasons......

23 Mar, 2013


You can easilly put it at the top. Do you know how to move text around ?

23 Mar, 2013


No! :O(

23 Mar, 2013


Put the little moving arrow (don't know it's name) at the start of the bit you want to move.
It will become a shape like an I.
Left click, and keep your finger on the button.
Then move the I to the right.
The text will be highlighted in Blue.

Then take your finger off the click button.
If you put the I to touch the blue text, it will become an arrow.
Right click, and a list of words appears.
You choose 'cut' by putting the arrow on it.
Left click and the text will disappear.

The I will return.
Put it in the new place where you want the text to be.
Right click, and choose 'paste'
The text will appear in it's new place where you want it to be.

It sounds more complicated than it actually is. If I can do it, anyone can. I'm as stupid as they come where computers are conserned :o)

23 Mar, 2013


Thank you, Hywel.It is easy, as you say, a bit like Copy and Paste.

How do you get images in between text,please? That's the bit I'm not sure about. And as for placing the image at the top I should have realised I use the Options dialogue box at the top.

By the way the little moving arrow is called a "cursor". I knew that! :O)

24 Mar, 2013


'Cursor' ... I'll have to try and remember that.

You can move the images in the same way - copy and paste. I didn't know it was called that either.
You can copy and paste them in whatever part of the text you want. Upload them, and then copy and paste.

Or you can write a bit of the text, upload an image when it's neaded, and then carry on typing the rest of the text, until you need another image, etc.

I've never heard of the options dialogue box.

We live and learn :o)

24 Mar, 2013


Right at top of page.

Mine says :" Hi, Eirlys" and then "YOUR OPTIONS"

Clicking on the arrow will produce a list of options.

Quote: We live and learn :o): Quote by Hywel

...and there I was, thinking I was too old to learn!

My thanks

24 Mar, 2013



25 Mar, 2013

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