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Our terrace


By eirlys


At the moment our terrace is a mess! It has weeds and aubretia growing in the gaps between paving stones and the latter are a nasty dark colour.

I have taken a flame gun I don’t know how many times to try and dispel the weeds, but they’re back in full force this Spring.

When the weather is dryer and warmer, we plan to tackle the terrace once and for all.

We have bought a Pointmaster which is supposed to help with squeezing cement into the gaps. This is usually a time-consuming job so we hope the Pointmaster lives up to its description and the feedback on line.

Anyone here used a Pointmaster?

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that sounds like our patio. I started scrubbing hard with a deck brush, but only got about a third of it done before I was worn out. Hope your Pointmaster does the trick.

25 May, 2013


We actually started digging out the moss and weeds in the little crevices yesterday (better the day, better the deed). We only did a little as we thought we'd tackle a bit each day. The area that's done looks a lot better, an incentive to go on.

We have a pressure washer which will take care of the surface grime and then comes the interesting Pointmaster part!

27 May, 2013


Would love to know how the Pointmaster turned out, please.Each year after pressure cleaning the patio, there are gaps in the grouting which have to be filled.Laborious job!

12 Jul, 2013


Hi, Meadowland, if you check out The Terrace Saga you will read what we thought of the Pointmaster and see the results. The terrace looks better in actuality than it does in the photos.

13 Jul, 2013


Thanks,will do!

14 Jul, 2013

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