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By eirlys


We have lived in our present house for fifty years and it is only in the last few years that we have become aware that there are TICKS around.

Googling the word has come up with the information that there are increasing reports of ticks in gardens especially where woodland, rough grassland, or heathland are nearby.

Well the heath is just over our hedge and we have always had deer around but the problem never seemed to exist all those years ago. Our cats never suffered until about four years ago. Then the ticks became a problem.

FrontLine products did not seem effective and it was not until last year when our vet recommended a special German collar that we found something that worked. The cats have been tick-free! That is more than we can say for us. Whenever we work in the garden we seem to pick up at least one of these nasty little pests. They are so small that they are established (!) before one becomes aware of them.

We are also aware of the danger of contacting Lyme Disease , as are our local doctors.

Do you have this problem? If so, have you found any effective remedies? There don’t seem to be any officially, unfortunately, and as ticks, fleas and even bed bugs are on the increase in the UK, I have a feeling the problem will only get worse. However I believe in folk remedies and maybe out there someone has one that is effective. If so, I’d love to know what it is.

In the meantime, watch out! There are TICKS about.

We have received increasing reports of ticks in gardens, predominantly gardens surrounded by favourable tick habitats such as woodland, which support populations of deer, and rough grassland. In order to minimise ticks in your garden we recommend the following steps:

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Keep us all posted please.

12 Jun, 2013


I obviously forgot to add "the following steps":

•Create a buffer zone between favourable tick habitat and lawn– paving, wood chips and gravel
•Keep lawns short
•Rake up leaf litter in borders
•Plant distasteful plants so deer are not attracted to your garden
•Fence to keep out deer

as advised in the Public Health England website.

12 Jun, 2013



I read something once about covering your skin, tucking your trousers into your socks.......

12 Jun, 2013


They sound horrible. I thought only tortoises had them ...

12 Jun, 2013


Oooer - wellies in the garden from now on...

12 Jun, 2013


They are on the increase and not just where there is heathland and deer,two of our cats got one last year, luckily my son was here and pulled them out with tweezers, Frontline is the one we used to have for both cats and dogs but it never seems to work now so I had to buy a stronger deterrent only obtainable from the vets....

12 Jun, 2013


I been told that deer ticks are the worst for lymes disease, don,t know if that true or not, not had a problem with our cat, but will be more vigilant from now on,

12 Jun, 2013


I seem to remember the rather distressing advice that you shouldn't pull them off - they drop off when they have had enough. Apparently there's a danger if you pull them that some bits will get left behind. Hope I never have to put this to the test - can't imagine having the will power to just leave one to feed on me!

14 Jun, 2013


I didn't know tortoises had them! Dogs and cats around here find them but since we bought the SERESTO collar both our cats have been free of them. Horace, alas, had to be put to sleep a month ago but Jasper his brother is still going strong and it is such a relief to see his head and body free of ticks. Both cats were 16 in May so they have had a good, long life.

The collar lasts for eight months and so is worth the money though the vet's prescription-fee adds to the cost. (What is it with vets these days? Their charges have gone through the roof!)

A very cheap little "instrument" is needed to remove the ticks. It works well on people and on animals!

14 Jun, 2013


That's good to know Eirlys.

15 Jun, 2013

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