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More images of THAT plant.


By eirlys


The leaves are really large and sword-like. The flowers are not that pretty. The flower stem is very long. The bulbs are large and look almost edible!


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Did you decide it isn't a Camassia? Looks like one.

10 Jul, 2017


No, in my other posting I said we think it looks very much like Camassia.

10 Jul, 2017


It certainly looks like a Camassia, but I don't remember the bulbs being that big?

10 Jul, 2017


Eirlys, I have just read that the bulbs are large and the flowers last no more than 3 weeks.

10 Jul, 2017


Ornithogalum nutans - Star Of Bethlehem. Sweetly scented.

10 Jul, 2017


Eirlys, looks like Karen has got the right ID!

11 Jul, 2017


Neighbour disagrees, Karen. No scent at all. Rather insipid flower head. Wouldn't grow plant for its flower!

More like the Camassia family.

Neighbour now consulting expert son who is away at the moment. Watch this space!! :O)

11 Jul, 2017


Ah...ok...fair enough. :)

11 Jul, 2017


or try Ornithogalum thyrsoides. this is a much larger bulb.

11 Jul, 2017


Keep us posted.......

12 Jul, 2017


Don't give up, Karen. That's my neighbour 's verdict though I do agree that the flowers have no scent.

I've looked at the others SG but they seem to be worth growing. You wouldn't say that if you saw ours. Lots of splendid leaves and a pathetic flowerhead on a floppy snake-like stem. Perhaps it's because they were neglected.

Will keep everyone posted DD and thanks to ALL for trying to identify the plant.

12 Jul, 2017


Neighbour's expert son believes the plant to be a species of Eremurus. also known as the Foxtail Lily, Desert Candle. Some species of this plant can grow to ten feet tall.

The flowers are supposedly scented (ours have no scent) and the images look quite good. (ours doesn't ). Could be we haven't followed the correct procedure for this plant's growth!

15 Jul, 2017


My OH thinks you are "right", Karen. One plant in better condition than the others seems to prove this.

Must say I am still not keen on the plant!

30 Jul, 2017


Well, its definitely different...a curiousity. And some would love it no doubt. But there are so many plants we can grow Eirlys...why grow one that you don't care for. Give them away to someone who loves them! And get something that gives you joy! :)

30 Jul, 2017


I could have sworn I added a comment about the foxtail lily idea.
well here is my thought for what its worth : its not an eremurus if its from a bulb. they produce a tuber that my girls describes as looking like a starfish.

what are the seed heads like on it now? Eremurus produce round seed pods that look like single grapes on each individual flower stalk.

30 Jul, 2017


SeaburnGirl: I've just Googled your info and the tuber really does resemble a starfish. Ours don't. Our bulbs were buried in a section of the greenhouse and we found them when clearing.

To be honest, Karen, I don't intend "growing" them. Like Topsy, they just "growed". They have puzzled my OH who is the gardener; my neighbour's son; another expert who checked email images; and you lovely posters here!
Mission accomplished! :O)

Seriously, don't even recall how they got into the greenhouse. Someone must have given them to us years ago.

4 Aug, 2017

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