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By eirlys


Last weekend we celebrated my birthday and a BIG Anniversary. We had said, “No presents” but we received a lot of flowers despite that. When the window and furniture shelves were covered, we had to place some vases in the hearth.

Why am I telling you this? We had forgotten that our little rescue cat, Sage, sleeps in the sitting -room overnight. She rushes to greet me at 7.45 every morning and I have to make a big fuss of her before she starts eating.

Sunday morning she didn’t appear. I looked for her and found her really off-colour. She wouldn’t touch her food: she slept all day and only drank a little milk (something she never gets, but I felt desperate).

When I realised the hearth had all those flowers within her reach, I panicked! None of the lilies had stamens. We had checked when we received the flowers as the stamens, as you know, stain. However I began to wonder if Sage had nibbled any of the leaves of any of the flowers and I felt really guilty. I wanted to contact our vet, but being a Sunday, the surgery was closed.

A retired vet friend reassured us and by the next morning Sage was back to her affectionate, demanding self.

It brought home to me, however, how easily she could have eaten part of one of the flowers., all because I was stupid enough to forget to protect her.

There isn’t a single stamen on any of the lilies and there isn’t a single vase in the hearth you’ll be glad to learn!

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What a lovely cat - is it a Burmese? Your flower arrangements are great - some interesting combinations there , especially the third pic which works really well doesn't it? Glad you got over your fright and no harm done.Most cats seem to be sensible enough to know what not to eat but there's always the exception and its as well to be careful.

23 Aug, 2017


Eirlys , lovely flower,congrats on your Birthday and Anniversary,

23 Aug, 2017


What a shock for you. I'm glad Sage is all right. She's beautiful :)
I never grow lilies. There are lots of poisonous plants but I won't grow lilies ... nor foxgloves.

Congratulations on your birthday and big anniversary ! :)

23 Aug, 2017


glad the pussy is ok. your flowers are beautiful.
congrats on your b'day and anniversary.

23 Aug, 2017


Thank you All for the good wishes. Birthday was an "ordinary" one but the Anniversary was our Diamond Wedding. Am admitting it because it is surprising how many people seem(ed) to think that is extraordinary. I always want to laugh when TV audiences burst into applause when a couple say they have been married 10 years.

Rant over!

Steragram: Just an ordinary cat from the CPL. She has a Russian Blue's colouring and characteristics so I suspect some genetic mingling there. Yes, the flower mixture works well as do the ones in Image 4.

Thank you, Callie and Seaburngirl.

Hywel: we don't grow Lilies either but I do like them. The lily in Image one is really BIG! Other Half removed masses of stamens this morning.

Sage is back to normal : demanding, very affectionate, and my shadow!

24 Aug, 2017


Congratulations on your Diamond and your birthday, a lovely arrangement of flowers, I just plonk, and hope for the best!
Pleased Sage is back to normal, such a worry animals, are they not?

24 Aug, 2017


Best wishes and Happy Birthday!

25 Aug, 2017


Thank you Daisy and Loosestrife2. I'm glad to be back to a normal routine!
Yes, animals can be a worry. Saw neighbour's cat this morning. It's beautiful but has dementia. Let me stroke it and lead it back home. Didn't know animals could have dementia!

25 Aug, 2017


So glad to read Sage was ok, you must have been SO worried and it always seems to happen at the weekend when the Vets are closed. Here I'm lucky that part of our practice is a animal hospital about 30 mins drive that is maned 24/7 which I know as had to use them on Boxing Day as Ben badly cut his foot.
Sorry about your neighbours cat, sad, but have heard of it as my ex mother in law's dog had dementia.

25 Aug, 2017


Jen: You are so right regarding weekend crises. When Horace was ill our daughter took him to the local PDSA the only place open. We were surprised to find that in the evenings and out of hours this branch was leased out to a private firm. The member of staff's greeting was, "We charge double rates on a Sunday"!

Well, to find animals can suffer from dementia does pose a problem : what does one do?

25 Aug, 2017


With my ex mother inlaw she had to put her to sleep as the poor dog couldn't eat as she couldn't work out where the food was. When she was shown, she then didn't understand when the bowl was half empty that there was still food in it, was so sad. They had a good insurance and they had done all sorts of test and vets said she would just get worse and nothing more could be done. The dogs name was Sandy.

We don't have insurance so Boxing day cost us just over £500! They do know how to charge!

25 Aug, 2017


Agree, Jen. I notice that the surgeries are bigger and more splendid.

Sadly I think the vets' advice was right. It's sad to see the cat next door. I want to pick her up and hug her. Can understand her owner wanting to hang on to her.

We do not have Sage insured as she is old. Accepted this fact when we had her but thought she deserved a home.

28 Aug, 2017


Congratulations on your Anniversary, and belated happy birthday.

Your cat is beautiful, such a pretty colour. Almost mauve.

I have lillies but they are up high in pots as I am concerned my dog Buster may get at the pollen...or next doors cats if they are brave enough to come over the fence with my over excited pooch !

29 Aug, 2017


Sorry, not been well, but fine now but haven't been on GOY so only catching up. So nice that you gave Sage, being an older cat a home. When we got Star, she was still only 18 months old, but in the cage next to her was her 2 kittens. We knew they would have no problem in finding a home so we chose Star.

It must be very hard for your neighbours.

29 Aug, 2017


Nat: She looks like a Russian Blue but is an ordinary Moggie, we think. Would love to know more about her from her previous owners (now in Spain). She understands "Sit" and oddly, the word "Settle". Don't know why I used that word one day but she promptly sat down.

This morning she ran into the sitting-room with a baby rabbit. She had it firmly gripped along its back but dropped it at my feet. Of course the rabbit ran one way : the cat and OH and I ran the other. What a palaver! Finally cornered it, in a corner actually doing the "head in the sand" bit. Wrapped a towel around it and released it outside. It was completely unharmed physically. Probably spent all afternoon recounting its adventure with a Monster!

Thank you for the good wishes.

Jen: So sorry to hear you have not been well but glad you say you are fine now. We don't appreciate good health until we feel ill, I find.
Choosing a kitten would have been foolish. Our cats have lived to around 18 and OH and I are not going to be around in 18 years. Old cats and black cats are difficult to place I'm told but they deserve a happy home. The trouble is kittens are so cute!

29 Aug, 2017


I really don't understand people who take on pets then up sticks so give the pet up. My pets are like my children and would never give them up. Long time ago I had a neighbour who was renting house next to me. She had a cat and dog. One day she had just moved. Took the dog but left cat behind. I already had 2 cats which didn't get on with this other cat so called the RSPCA. They told me that they would only take it if I caught it 1st otherwise they were not interested. I wasn't very impressed with them. Star is now about 15 so her rabbiting days seem to be over, she is not even interested in the voles still invading the garden but when she was younger would do the same. Bring them home alive. Did smile at the vision of your scene of Sage's present. :-).

30 Aug, 2017


No, I can't understand people like that. After twelve years Sage was sent to the CPL. Maybe her owners were going to an apartment in Spain. Don't even know if Sage is her original name but decided to keep it as the CPL had it typed above her quarters : very posh they were too. I reckon a homeless person wouldn't mind sleeping there overnight.

There was a sad post script to the Rabbit story. She brought it in dead that evening and presented it to my Other Half as I was upstairs. I felt really upset. We haven't seen a rabbit around here for years.

30 Aug, 2017

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