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Anyone help?


By eirlys


Other Half bought a plant whilst on holiday. It wasn’t at a Garden Centre, so he was unable to ask about it. He just liked it !

The label bears the following info. :



I have viewed the website and someone else had asked the question I want to ask:

What is the Latin name of this plant?

Apologies for vagueness, but the plant has done badly so a photo isn’t possible.

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Well luckily, when I googled it, it displayed an image of it, complete with Latin name in small print right at the bottom. It appears to be Exacum trinervum 'Sapphire', but also shown as Exacum affine 'Blue Star' on other sites, common name Persian or German violet. Its tender, grown as an annual outdoors, but can be kept as a (usually temporary) houseplant. Does not like direct sunlight, but does like bright light conditions, cool room temperatures, careful with the watering or it gets root rot, usually blooms for 3/4 months in optimum conditions. Its possible to keep them going with care, but difficult to get them to bloom again, apparently. Probably like Senetti - blooms for a similar time period, then keels over and gets composted, but something to be enjoyed whilst it is in flower.

8 Oct, 2017


THANK YOU, Bamboo. Don't know how I came to miss that information when I Googled it!

Reckon it had been overwatered when we bought it.

8 Oct, 2017

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