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Season of Goodwill


By eirlys


I hope you won’t mind my “advertising” the following.

Below is the link to a website where one can click a dialogue box that in turn donates food, or money, or books to a worthy cause.

I have been doing this since 1998 when the Hunger Site was the only one listed and feel that in some small way I have helped “combat hunger and poverty.”

It won’t cost you anything, just a few seconds of your time. The website is quite fast, which is an advantage.

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How does clicking the link finance the food truck? Do you know?

15 Dec, 2017


Done !

16 Dec, 2017


I have clicked also Eirlys.

16 Dec, 2017


They get sponsorship from advertisers in return for delivering users who will see their advertisements.

I am sure that there are pros and cons regarding these "sites", just as there are in deciding whether that "homeless person" on the street corner really is homeless and genuinely in need. As I have offspring, I would prefer to believe I am doing some good, however little. If I am being conned, then so be it. I believe in Karma.

16 Dec, 2017


I agree about the homeless,you never know if they are genuine,but I do know their are a lot of homeless people out there,and if I can do my bit to help, I will.

17 Dec, 2017


Thanks Eirlys. I did click on it, but just wondered how it worked. Makes sense.

17 Dec, 2017


I feel the influx of professional beggars must have hit hard at the people who are genuinely in need. Daughter was conned into giving a £10 note to someone in "difficulties". Later warning on Facebook that he was just a con man, a local who deserved to be named and shamed.

I think a coffee and a sandwich is a good idea, with a bone for the dog. I did read about someone who went to a bakery and bought a sandwich for a hungry and homeless person only to be abused in a foreign language and the sandwich thrown away.

Advertisers pay well and if charities can benefit that's good.

I feel awful about all the charities that mail me and I don't help them.

18 Dec, 2017

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