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Look what I nearly stepped on!


By eirlys


Good job I was looking down when I went to the greenhouse site the other day. I nearly stepped on this trespasser. It was a beautifully-marked young adder. We looked at each other for some time and the snake never took its eyes off me. I only had my old camera on me so the image isn’t that brilliant but when I returned with my good camera the snake had vanished.

It was quite small compared to the last one I saw. (That was so long we thought it was a grass snake at first) The V on the head of this young one was quite distinctive.
Sage, our cat was interested also so I had to make a quick grab to ensure she didn’t get too close. I don’t mind snakes, but the meeting did remind me that I need to keep a close eye on the ground these sultry days.

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Glad you spotted it and stayed safe :)

26 May, 2018


Gosh Eirlys, mind where you're stepping! It is a beauty though.

26 May, 2018


it could be a young female they are much browner than the males. males tend to be smaller too 60 cm compared to 75cm in the female when fully grown.

oh was at Kielder last week and saw a couple of adders basking.

26 May, 2018


Don't mind my sharing the garden with them but did draw the line when I found one in the hall!

27 May, 2018


Great capture Eirlys not sure I would of got so close though ..


27 May, 2018


Absolutely stunning! Good for you looking after it, lots of people wouldn't.

28 May, 2018


You never know what your going to find.....

15 Jul, 2018


The other day I was removing duckweed from our pond and went to get something. When I returned, my husband casually said, "There was a snake just to your left. Very well camouflaged. It's gone now!"

No two without three!!

16 Jul, 2018


They obviously love your garden!!

17 Jul, 2018


Dottydaisy2: Agree! Once saw a grass snake in our pond. Thought at first it was a rope! We had baby fish at the time.

18 Jul, 2018

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