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By eirlys


This afternoon I decided to tackle the weeds in the Alstroemeria pots whilst the sun was shining and my Other Half was inside. The task was relatively easy and I found delight in seeing a growing mound of the plant I dislike most : the dreaded Spurge.

Whilst I was working my husband came outside and told me I should be wearing gloves. As I had had enough I didn’t bother, but gave up on my task.

Later my mouth and the tip of my tongue started burning. I wondered what I had eaten: no chilli: no ginger. The burning wasn’t unbearable: just uncomfortable. When I mentioned it to my husband it was then that he told me that Spurge, genus Euphorbia, has toxic sap that can cause problems.

I Googled for further information and was shocked to find that eyes can particularly suffer if the milky sap comes into contact with them.

I have always disliked this plant as it is so invasive. Now I hate it!

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I have a permanent 'mark' on my cheek from accidentally rubbing my glove across my cheekbone and not realising it. it will never look the same as it used to and apart from it needing more moisturising most people don't notice it. But I wish I had been more careful.

as long as you are alright now Eirlys.

4 Jun, 2018


I hate it, even the smallest variety brings me out in an itchy rash that lasts for days if I don't wear gloves.

5 Jun, 2018 really does affect some people badly. I have often weeded it out and pruned my cultivated plants without gloves, and so far no problems at all. I think I’ll be a bit more careful from now on though!

5 Jun, 2018


SeaburnGirl: I hadn't realised it could scar! So gloves didn't hel in your case?

Drc 726: Woke this morning and my hands were itching like mad. I fund some balm nearby and used that and that relieved the itching. A good twelve hours after!

Karen: Yes, do take care. I got away lightly but after reading what some people have suffered with their eyes being affected I think Spurge needs to be treated with kid gloves......practically, as well as metaphorically!!

5 Jun, 2018


Oh Eirlys,I am glad you are ok,you have to be so careful with some plants.

5 Jun, 2018


Thanks for the warning about this plant glad to hear your ok a photo would be appreciatedif possible as there are so many Euphorbia s yes all olants are poison always pays to wear gloves especially when getting older.

I read once a grand father dug up two Monkshoods roots to replant asked his two grand children to hold them both grand children died.

5 Jun, 2018


Thank you for the warning Eirlys. I 'm careful with Euphorbias but never thought about the little spurge causing the same problem even though its related.. I will be more careful in future.

5 Jun, 2018


Regret to say Spurge has even invaded our gravel drive. It is going to be a fulltime job getting rid of it. A flame gun is called for methinks!

11 Jul, 2018


I have known for some time, you should be careful, but I do love it....sorry!

15 Jul, 2018

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