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We live overlooking the ocean on the South Shore of Nova Scotia, a hilltop garden with strong sea breezes and a lot of sunshine. We moved here 5 years ago from Montreal, Quebec, and are gradually 'growing' our garden, although the numerous white-tailed deer love the plants too.
The hill is a drumlin left by the receding ice cap, so it's sandy, well drained but needs feeding. People around here traditionally used seaweed gathered from the beach, and our veggie garden has benefited from past applications of that. However we now have horses as neighbours, and can take however much manure we need from their wintering at night in the barn. It needs some ripening and careful distribution and digging in, but is an excellent fertilizer, for our flowers and our veggies.
My husband is really the hardworking gardener, although I weed and admire... and take photos.
I'm a freelance FR-EN translator, so can take time as needed to tend the garden.

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  • purple orchid 3 days after the flower opened
  • purple orchid
  • Early morning deer
  • Purple orchid

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