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Roll on spring!


Just thought i would say hello & wish you all a happy new year…
I haven`t been on goy much lately as not felt to well but did have a nice christmas & had too much chocolate!
Now that i feel better i am so looking forward to the spring, had a little tidy up in my front garden & have looked at the damage the cold weather has done…
I have lost some plants but the most annoying thing that happened was that something caused a pane of glass to break in my greenhouse & i`ve lost most of my cuttings as a result but these things are sent to try us so nevermind!
Anyway roll on spring & once again a happy new year to you all from my cats & me xxx

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Hi Elsiemay...
Happy and Healthy new year to you and your cats !

... sorry to read you've been unwell ...
... but glad you had a good Christmas :o)

How annoying about the broken pane of glass in your greenhouse ... Is it mended now ?

I hope you find that some cuttings have survived...

4 Jan, 2011


Happy new year to you and your cats, from me and my cat =^..^=

I ate lots of chocolate aswell :o( and have put on 5 lbs :o(( lol

When I spend some time in the garden come spring, it will get worne off (I hope)

I'm sorry to hear you have been unwell. There's a lot of viruses etc about. But I'm pleased you feel better now.

4 Jan, 2011


happy new year to you too.
I also had soe panes break I suspect due to the weight of snow. Even the propagators froze so I have lost lots of cuttings too.

4 Jan, 2011


Happy new year to you. Sorry to hear you've been poorly ... wondered how you and the cats were! Let's hope for an improvement in the weather before long. : o )

4 Jan, 2011


Happy New Year to you, Elsiemay and to your cats! :)
Sorry to hear you were not well, but your great Christmas made you felt better, didn't it? :)

4 Jan, 2011


thankyou Terratoonie...yes it`s mended now & i think a few cuttings may make it !

thankyou Hywel...i`m looking forward to getting back in the garden come spring & burning off the chocolate i`ve eaten too!

thankyou is annoying isn`t but we must carry on!

thankyou Shirley...i`m hopeing the weather will improve soon too..

thankyou Uma...the chocolate helped!!

4 Jan, 2011


Pleased to hear you are feeling better Elsiemay, I`ve also been at the chocs, daft really because I then cannot sleep but heigho it was christmas, shame about your greenhouse, its maddening when that happens but wintertime has to be the worst time, hopefully some cuttings will make it for you, fingers mentally xx anyway.
Happy New Year to you......

4 Jan, 2011


thankyou`s hard to resist chocolate & i`m hopeing some cuttings will make it too...

4 Jan, 2011


I'm pleased to hear that you have had your greenhouse glass fixed Elsie , we have lost our Geranium plants in ours ! sorry you haven't been very well lets hope the new year will be a happy and healthy one for you .. I've overdone the chocolates as well :o)

5 Jan, 2011


Happy New Year from me Elsiemay, hope you are feeling better. I had 1 pane crack in my unheated "old" greenhouse, it was definitely the weight of the snow.

5 Jan, 2011


Happy New Year from me too, hope you are now feeling much better, we all a bit of fat and chocolate to help us through the winter dont we? hope some of your cuttings make it too.

5 Jan, 2011


Happy New Year to you and your cats, from me and my cats.
I endorse all you say..... roll on spring! x

5 Jan, 2011


and a very happy new year to you and cats as well !!! ;0))))

5 Jan, 2011


thankyou Amy i am feeling much better now...sorry you have lost your geraniums but glad you enjoyed chocolate like me !

thankyou Littlelegs...sorry to hear about your green house

thankyou can`t beat a bit of chocolate!

thankyou Valadel & Cristina...soon be springtime!

6 Jan, 2011


think iv lost a few plants to elsiemay and brocken fence needs attention, but when weather perks up, happy newyear :o))

7 Jan, 2011


that`s a shame San, i`ve got some trellis that needs attention too but as you say when the weather perks up & hopefuly some plants will perk up aswell...roll on springtime!

7 Jan, 2011


cant wait :o)

8 Jan, 2011

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