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Lovely day in the garden :)


By emmaj


The weather wasnt quite as warm as it was yesterday here in sunny Bedfordshire, but we still mamaged to have an afternoon in the garden!

Lunch time we went to a plant fayre at a local village, Mentmore, which was really good. Lots of great plants from lots of farms and nurseries nearby, so found some good suppliers of quality plants, much better value than a garden centre. We were tempted and bought sweetpeas, sage (for our herb garden at the front of our house) 4 tomato plants and a bleeding heart. My dad bought me a bleeding heart many years ago, so it was really nice to have “an old friend back in the garden” as the lady on the stall said. When we were all shopped out, we stopped for some grub from the barbeque :)

Once home, we planted all our new “friends” out into their various pots and found spaces in the garden for the others. Cant wait to have our own tomatoes!! (we will have some peppers too once our seeedlings are ready to go go out) and had a tidy up! Really satisfying to feel tired out after a busy day in the garden.

Our chicks had a busy day too! While we were in the garden and the sun was warm, we put them in a run and let them have a play. they loved it!! They are now back inside, warm and safe under the heat lamp. Trouble is, I bet they’ll want to play out again tomorrow!

The chicks “aunties” are all cleaned out and ready for a busy week of laying eggs.

Even managed to get some of the boring indoor work done and got loads of washing done! (I love hanging washing out on the line to dry!) now a cuppa and a catch up of Dr Who and a peaceful evening :) I hope you all had a good day in the garden too!

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Hi Emma, nice to meet you. That sounds like my kind of day! My husband and I were just talking about getting a couple of hens for the garden (well, I was talking, he was being noncommittal) and I'd like to rescue them, if I can. I love the before and after pictures of your ladies!

11 Apr, 2010


Sounds like you had a busy rewarding day.Been in my garden alot today more just looking at it than doing anything. Was a tage colder today. As for me I'm missing Magic she liked the sun and watching me work in the garden, perhaps thats why i didn't do much today. Ah well tomorrow will be different. Glad I've got the 2 rabbits to cuddle/

11 Apr, 2010


Sounds like you had a great day and the chicks too.
Tatia we also have been talking about a couple of hens for the garden...really unsure if we have to apply to council and stuff though, so we park the idea for a while but always keep talking about it.

Any advise Emma you can pass our way would be greatfully appreciated

Mrs M (Debbie)

11 Apr, 2010


See Emma you have started something now we ALL want chickens!!!!! Wonder what the councils policy is in people keeping chickens????? Guess we'd better find out!!!

11 Apr, 2010


Hi Mrs Melon, we asked our housing assoc if we could keep chooks as we are only tennants, but as far as I know you dont have to apply to the council... we also kept clear of having a cockerel as we were worried about the noise! (although there are ways to stop him crowing quite so early). Once you've got their home sorted out (thats the most expensive bit) it is honestly quite easy. Any questions, no matter how daft you think they are, just ask! We've only had chooks for almost a year, so are by no means an expert, but still remember clearly what it was like to get started! we looked online for ages before we got them, it is good to talk to people who have them. There's an online chat place like GoY called The Poultry Garden and they are pretty helpful on there too :) The Battery Hen Welfare trust site is a good one to look at. It is them who we rescued the chooks from. They coordinate all the rescues all over the country and are flippin brilliant!

Keep me posted with all your chooks news! We honestly love them to bits and wouldnt be without them :)

11 Apr, 2010


Great, I'm sure those 2 rabbits are just as glad they have you to cuddle :) It takes time to get over losing someone as special as Magic was to you. She will be watching you in the garden and happy to see all the things you are doing. You will always have those memories of her to make you smile one day soon, even if they make you weep for the moment. take things one day at a time xx

11 Apr, 2010


Sounds like a brilliant and relaxing day.Thanks for the info on the Battery Hen Welfare Trust....we will be getting our hens there...probably in the autumn of this year.Will keep you posted !

11 Apr, 2010


How exciting, Bb! Fresh eggs for breakfast???

11 Apr, 2010


Yep..and roast chicken for dinner as soon as Jane goes out ! Only joking but I like to live dangerously !!! Lol

11 Apr, 2010


I hope you get another good garden day today. The weather seems to be lasting a while at the moment.

12 Apr, 2010


I must admit I did get a bit sulky yesterday cos Kev does get more time in the week than me at the moment :) He's really hard all his life, been in the army for years (before I met him so I missed out on the uniform!) so I'm glad he can work less hours, but earn as much as he did fullt-time.... I'm just a bit jealous!! I hope that my business will grow and develpo enough for me to be able to manage a little team of workers from home :) Its a home help business, so we clean, walk dogs, shop, drive people to appointments etc. We try to focus on the elderly, but also clean a village hall and a pub so every day is different! One day, I will have the luxury of some more quality time at home and in the garden.......

Bb good news you're looking to the autumn to get some chooks :) Bless them, you may need to buy them some lil jumpers to keep their lil bare bits warm in the cold weather! have you seen the jumpers for ex-batts?? They're so funny!! But practical too I guess lol :)

12 Apr, 2010


I read an article about people who knit the little hen cosies! How sweet. :-) I've signed up to the Battery Hen site and will now just wait for a date. I will hopefully have my husband worn down by then, haha.

When I lived in The States, I kept 5 hens a gorgeous cockerel. I loved waking up to his crowing but then, we lived in the country so no neighbours to bother!

12 Apr, 2010


I'd really love a cockerel too.... isnt it funny that we put up with the noise of traffic, load music, trains etc etc, but find a cockerel unacceptable.... Poor little things! Ok, I know they can be noisy and some dont stop crowing once they've announced to the world its time to wake up, but even so... I think in comparison it's quite a nice noise! :)

Good luck with your rescue Tatia, let us know how you get on (and if you get a knitting pattern for the chook cosy!!) :)

12 Apr, 2010

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