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After much work I seeded what I hoped to be a new front lawn. Sadly, after three weeks, it hasn’t quite turned out as planned.

I took great care over the lawn. There are 4 inches of good topsoil, I raked in a pre-lawn feed a week before seeding and used a meter square bamboo frame as a guide. I scattered the seed as directed and very lightly raked it in. (The bag size allowed me to seed at 70gms per M square even though the recommended density was only 50gms)".
The weather has been sunshine and showers.

As you can see, from the photos, it’s patchy (to say the least). I thought, perhaps, that the seed had been washed into small hollows but that isn’t the case; I also thought some seed might be too deep but that’s not it either (I lightly raked the top 1cm of the surface of barer areas and there seems plenty of seeds which just haven’t germinated).

I’m left with the idea that some seeds were sterile but, if that were the case, wouldn’t the whole lawn have been barer and not just patches? Any ideas?

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Hiya, how are you !!

What a shame, we had a similar problem, but not so bad, we just kept on redoing it...Good luck

23 May, 2012


Hi expats, it has been one of those years. I am obsessed by my lawn and will write a blog once the full story has occurred. I put down seed....enough to cover a football pitch and a month later I am still waiting. I think it just hasn't been warm enough here in Scotland. The weather has changed and everything is bursting into growth. Grass is just a collection of small plants and so I am hoping it will green up soon. Like Crissue I just keep adding more grass seed and keep my fingers crossed. :o)))

23 May, 2012


Linda is right. Nothing has been growing.

24 May, 2012


Thanks for the comments. I'll put more seed down and hope.

24 May, 2012


Good luck with it, OH says there's something about sowing a Lawn in France, that is like no, but we get there in the end...keep it misted tooo...

25 May, 2012

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