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Rain, Rain and more rain and a sensible bird


By expats


After a wonderful dry march, april was the wettest on record here. The stream and mill race are really high and cutting the meadow was impossible. The long term forcast is for more rain so, although we’re in the Massif Central, I’m considering building an ark.
On a lighter note, we opened some shutters alongside the ‘French Doors’ (to grease the hinges) and discovered a blue tit had used the shutters to build a nest out of the rain. We closed them again and, I’m pleased to say, the bird has continued to return to her nest so no harm done. Needless to say the greasing will wait until the fledglings have flown.

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What a lot of eggs she's laid.....did the all hatch?

Weather here has suddenly got hot which takes a bit of getting used too....

24 May, 2012


I don't know; I'm leaving her strictly alone. Just in case.

24 May, 2012


Oh, heck!!!

We had this three weeks ago...the flooding was so bad that Bricomarché won't even open again until the end of this month...!

It's a bit scary watching the water levels rise and hoping they won't get to the door...

Well laid plan on the birdie's part, though...good for her! :)

24 May, 2012


Well maybe you have a bit of good weather on the way ; Monday was Arctic here , but Tuesday , Wed , and today have been tropical , literally , hotter than Honolulu yesterday !
Talk about finding birds nests , today I thought that I would tidy the greenhouse . Well I had several large paper carrier bags with the remains of various plants , all dried and quite useless , so I pulled out a large wadd of plant and there appeared a nest with four well- feathered tiny birds . I nearly fainted with suprise ( I think that they may have had a little turn , I'm sure that the parents did ). I hastily replaced them and hope that there is no damage done , mummy and daddy robin have been chastising me all afternoon . I stayed well clear and have my fingers crossed !

24 May, 2012


The stream looks like a river doesn`t it, glad the birds weren`t too stressed at you disturbing them...
Hope yours are ok as well Driad..

24 May, 2012


On the subject of nests - we were away for a couple of weeks earlier this year and, on our return, found a Wren had built a nest on a beam in the upper corner of our patio. We now watch the regular flights of Dad Wren as he takes food into the nest and takes sacs out to dispose of them elsewhere, and occasionally see a tiny beak and eye topped with a crew-cut looking out of the entrance hole! The surprise of it is how large the nest is in comparison to the size of the tiny bird!

25 May, 2012


I haven't been on here for a few days , mainly from the heat and catching up in the garden , but the other issue has been baby robins !
The evening I found the nest they all appeared on the greenhouse floor and one hopped outside to play with the cats . Mummy was feeding it and they all were doing their best to attract attention , so I took it back into the greenhouse and opened the windows just enough to allow the parents in , and closed the door . Well , it was so warm and we worried about the flight lessons , so the next day we opened up the door and barricaded it to try to stop the felines . Two turned up dead but Tweety-Pie got out and I had to keep putting him back !
Lots of protest still from the parents but I think we have one fledged if not two ; whew , what a responsibility !

28 May, 2012


It must be the weather Driad we,ve had one in the gh as well! I always leave the back window open, there is a thorn hedge behind so thats how they get in and out, luckily no cats but other predators gave me quite a turn when a baby sat quietly on the rim of a clay pot just as I was going to water it!

28 May, 2012

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