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January pulytunnel.


I have a lovely 3×6 Keder polutynnel since April 2015. I have spent all my saving on it in the Spring as I felt such great need to have it. It has a wee bit of protection from some small trees and a windbreak that I have built. The winds here are horrendous so I needed that. I went to check on it today and it was so nice to see that it is doing well. It’s in my kind neighbour’s croft some 50 yards from our house. I sooooo can’t wait to get stuck in again and start this years growing season. All seeds have now been ordered:-).

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Good luck with your polytunnel this winter. If it withstood this weeks storms you'll do ok up there. Wind can be one of the most difficult factors in a garden to deal with. Welcome to GOY.

30 Jan, 2016


It looks great. Must've been put together well to withstand the current winds.
I've been concerned about my greenhouse, too , but it is protected by a wall/fence and a large oak in the green behind it, so, hopefully it will be ok like your tunnel.

31 Jan, 2016


Full steam ahead then , Ezandman .

31 Jan, 2016


Welcome to Goy Eva, you have set it up well and what a joy to garden out of the wind, I don't really know much about where you live but would imagine you get some powerful ones , mind you I'd love a view like that, it will be interesting hearing how you do through the seasons and I wish you well.....

31 Jan, 2016


I have been cycling on Skye, lovely memories. I was riding along and a Razorbill flew low over me, had a look, and flew off up to the Loch. I got so excited I called
out "Hello" to it. Peaceful bird.
'Henry' sounds most horrendous. I would put some guy
ropes on the polytunnel for safety. Good luck.
Keep sending us your news. That is part of the joy of Goy
it covers such a large range of the UK and USA, always

31 Jan, 2016


Love Tunnels..yours looks fab..

31 Jan, 2016


It looks great, well done and dead envious, must do something about getting one myself but all nervous as also prone to strong winds and my neighbour has had hers blown away last autumn.

31 Jan, 2016


taurman mine has been up 5 years so far and has coped with 90mph...strong frame tight plastic...fingers crossed mine survives todays storm...

1 Feb, 2016


Your tunnel looks wonderful and must be a godsend to you.
You live in a beautiful place :)

1 Feb, 2016


I hope your tunnel stood up to the latest storms ezandman. The news this morning said you had it pretty bad up there.
Good luck with your planting plans too.

2 Feb, 2016


I like your polytunnel and your lovely views. My green house was destroyed by strong winds few years back and I still have not replaced it.

3 Feb, 2016


Hi Ezandman .. your polytunnel looks fab...
... let's hope it can withstand the fiercest of storms.
I've added this blog to GoYpedia

6 Feb, 2016

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