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Hooray, progress!


Following a little sunshine and a visit from my lawn doctor, the garden is beginning to look a bit like one at last.

I have found out where to get the heliotropes which started my adventure with Grows on You and which I cannot resist putting in the front garden again this year, so will be adding those as soon as I can get to the garden centre. I have also decided that at the risk of losing yet another one, I shall buy a big Margeurite to light up my “blue border” in the back, where the Ceanothus is like a big blue umberella.
I went to the latest Hardy Plant Society’s plant sale in Welton recently and knowing how I drool over anything growing, limited myself to taking a modest amount of money. However, I still came home with a variegated Solomon’s Seal, a very lovely Heuchera and a pretty little Artemesia, plus a very solid, healthy Money Maker tomato which is to go into a patio pot with maybe something like alyssum and lobelia to set it off.
I had a lovely time at the cat show which I mentioned before and my friend won three first prizes with her Maine Coon. These huge cats are so docile and beautiful and butter wouldn’t melt in their mouths at showtime, but I know that they can be such clowns given half a chance.

Although I am impatient to carry on attacking weeds and the dreaded black spot, I am grateful for the rain which we have had for the last few days as although we had wintry weather until well into May, there had hardly been any water about. The water butt had dried out and unbelievably, I was having to hose things. For the time being, I shall have to be content with finishing off patio pots and sowing window boxes of mixed salad.

I am so glad that I joined Grow on you:there is always something to learn, something to chuckle over and lovely photos to admire from a whole bunch of lovely people. Thank you everybody for all the pleasure which you give.

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wow that cat lights up from the inside,evil kitty,my cat is half main coon and such a clown but i love her,i will have to look at some heliotropes to see what they look like,amazeing site isnt it,chris

2 Jun, 2010


Maine coones...aka `big friendly giants`!....discovered this breed about 10 years ago and now wouldn`t be without one.
Lovely photos....and glad you are enjoying your garden..

2 Jun, 2010


beautiful cats...lovely photos & blog too

2 Jun, 2010


wow beam me up scotty ,those eyes .

2 Jun, 2010


beautiful cat but last pic very scary!! heliotropes are they the ones that smell like cherry pies??

2 Jun, 2010


Yes Geniusscuffy,Heliotropes not only smell like cherry pie, but last year mine flowered from early June until the end of of October and would have gone further but they began to look a bit battered. I went to get them today and have planted them with some white lobelia in between to "light them up" as they are very dark leaved and the flowers are a deep purple.
Re. the cat:I think that last photo is hilariously funny, but he was really a big softie.

Thanks to everyone for your interest.

3 Jun, 2010

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