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Bound to rain now!


Lincoln authorities are going to fill City Square with sand for three weeks, so it is bound to rain as soon as they have done it!
I am sure that when we get some rain we shall be complaining that it is too much, but I shall be so glad as it will give my water meter a rest. I must not grumble as being single, the meter has saved me about 40% of the money I would have paid on a rates basis.

My neighbours are building a single storey extension which will diminish the light I shall have on my patio where I try to grow my veg. in pots etc. As I am a bit hemmed in at the back by other houses and some massive oak trees, every little bit of light is important, but the Council decided tha I was not losing enough to moderate the plan. I must say that unwillingly, I had to agree. However, we are all grown ups and by negotiating the removal of a large, much overgrown bush which is up against my fence and twice as high, plus regular cutting of a cupressus hedge on the opposite boundary which is currently nearly twice the regulation height, this will restore a small degree of light to the area. In addition, they have agreed to put up trellis on the brick side wall of the extension so that I can train something up it and I have offered to buy a detachable garden mirror to hang on it in order to reflect some of the light back. It should look quite good and provide some shelter to compensate for the loss of light. It has to be said that they dislike gardening and are planning to pave what will be left of the back garden anyway.

I just wish it was finished as I am enduring thuds, bumps and pneumatic drillings for the footings at the moment. Still, they are nice people, so a lot to be thankful for.

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I hope you are still able to grow your plants..
Be thankful for nice neighbours...
living next to NFH is horrible...

10 Jul, 2010


Oh dear hope its all finished soon, building opposite us at the moment, lorries and diggers coming and going all the time, but at least its not next door like you.
Lincoln filling the square with sand!!!!! hey hadn't heard about that, have to get my bucket and spade and head down there then,lol ;-), (I'm not far away, Gainsborough)

10 Jul, 2010


Yes Terratoonie, I can still grow things, but the tomatoes will have to be moved next year if I want them to ripen. Thanks for your interest. Hope your NFH goes back there! Ooh, mustn't wish things like that!

Hi Simbad, we are almost neighbours! I was in Gainsborough last Monday seeing a solicitor (great chap) and visiting Old Hall for the second time. I shop early for unusual gifts for Christmas there, and stop for coffee and home-made cake. You don't have to pay the entry fee to the Hall if you just do that although I do love the building .
Do you belong to the local Hardy Plant Society? Thanks for commenting. - see photo.

10 Jul, 2010

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