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I have been meaning to write this several times, but was always waylaid.

Since I last joined my friends on GoY, the extension next door has grown and I feel a little imprisoned. However, although I have lost some light both inside and out, I am trying to be positive and work out a scheme to camouflage the brick wall. May finish with an overgrowth of climbers, but have to avoid their window area which although fairly high up would not be a match for a vigorous clematis Unfortunately the position of said window makes it diffucult to utilise a garden mirror to recuperate the light by reflection. Anyway, it could have been worse.

No luck with the prematurely decayed shed roof:the retailer continued to ignore my pleas despite a recorded delivery letter. Due to the rapidity of the deteriotation and the onset of quite heavy rain, I had to pay someone to reroof with better quality felt. It did not cost a fortune, but I could have done without having to pay out and the total indifference of the man in not dealing with the problem, sticks in the throat a bit.Spoke to Consumer Association, but there is nothing they can do and it would cost me too much to pursue the man legally. Ho-hum!
Have started the Autumn clear-up and have planted a few pretty things which I could not resist. I have added an evergreen clematis called “Avalanche” to the new obelisk – such pretty leaves as well as drifts of lovely white flowers and have discovered the beautiful crimson flowers on the “pillars” of perennial Lobelia.

The next task is to fill the five bulb baskets which I bought, and the large cream “gazunda” (potty) which I found at a boot sale. I have a quantity of “Red Riding Hood” tulips (love their stripey leaves), to be offset by tiny white violas and anemone type flowers. I have also bought several varieties of pink tulips and hyacinths, plus some narcissi. Methinks I shall need another couple of containers:hmm, perhaps a coal scuttle or two?!!!

Have not got around much these last two months as have been studying hard (completed first module of proofreading course OK), but did go to Home Farm at Harpswell and had a lovely day. The sculptures would have intrigued Noseypotter, I think and the home-made teas are to die for. Gave in to another weakness and bought another Heuchera! This place belongs to the National Gardens Society and the entrance fees will be given to charity, so did not mind paying, particularly as the gardens are so lovely and we were given envelopes to help ourselves to seeds as we went round.

Eating lots of courgettes, raspberries and tomatoes at the moment yum! Wish I had a bigger plot sometimes.

My hedgehogs are wandering around again, but I could do without their substantial “calling-cards” all over my lawn. Oh well, suppose it is free fertiliser.

A very large branch of an oak tree on the green was knocked down by a building supplier’s lorry recently and the Council had to take it away. The next day, I had a visit from a Greater Spotted Woodpecker, who sat on my fence snapping at the insects flying among the climbers. He was lovely, but of course the camera was not to hand! I have not seen him before or since and fear that the destruction of that big branch made him homeless. I hope he finds somewhere close by to settle in.

Best wishes to all of you:more anon.

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Have you created the garden sculptures? Very original :)

13 Sep, 2010


like that box hadgeing am trying to do that myself

13 Sep, 2010


Unfortunately, I am not that talented Whistonlass. These sculptures are part of Home Farm at Harpswell:they have an in-house sculptor.
With regard to the box hedge Cristina, my garden is not big enough to do justice to such an arrangement. I did start to plant that kind of thing when I had a lot of land in France, but at certain times of the year box smells like cat's urine, so I abandoned the idea, but they do look lovely in this kind of setting. Thank you both for your comments.

14 Sep, 2010

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