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Just a brief post to get back into the chat after long breaks.
Like most of you, I lost some prized plants to the winter weather, but I am gradually putting things to rights and most of the garden is sorted, but still a few bald patches to fill, notably where the Ceanothus used to be – Sigh,sigh, boo hoo!. On a percentage basis, of those gardeners that I know around here, some were lucky, but 50% lost their Ceanothus (es? plural) and most lost their cherished Bottle Brush plants.
Since last Autumn, my great grandaughter has grown apace and we had a lovely christening last month:two of my neighbours and a cousin, died and my health has improved with no sign of the glaucoma getting worse and no recurrence of TIA I am now so much better that I have taken up Nordic Walking with a group at Whisby Nature Park. Have been lucky so far in that it has not rained once. Having said that the garden has not been happy with that situation.

The birds have become more numerous in the garden: they are clearly happy with the three course meals on the new bird feeder.

My neighbours’ garden still makes me grind my teeth. They have nearly finished the extension, all but fascias and soffits etc and left me looking at sticky tape on the UPVC window frames and roof felt flapping in the breeze, to gut the interior. More intermittent banging and drilling without warning:it has been 13 months since they dug the footings and it is like living next to the municipal dump. The nettles and docks etc. are waist high , the fur hedge has become trees and the discarded earth is mixed up with drink cans, plastic bags and bits of brick and other building debris. The photinia situated against the fence,and which they promised to cut, is now a tree two and a half times the height of said fence and my lawn never manages to get the sun on it, so it has to be moss treated and never really thrives. Have spoken to them but promises not kept. I shall be visiting the place that we call “Wits End” any day now.

Anyway, the sun is shining again,so have a lot to be grateful for.

Before I close, I must say that my memory is letting me down a bit these days so that I cannot remember who asked me the name of the penstemon which appears in my photos. I think it was you Sanbaz, but if it was another of the many good friends on here, I do apologise. Anyway, I found the label squirreled away “in a safe place” (ha,ha), and it is Penstemon Mystica. It thumbed its leafy nose at the winter weather and is a picture again. I think I shall buy another for the front garden – just the right shape and height for a mid-ships position.

Must close now before I use any more silly analogies

Belated thanks to all the members who sent lovely messages during my various fortunes and misfortunes last year.
Love Felinfan

PS. Will post garden and christening pics. when I can find time: a bit pressed for it at the moment.
NB, Did I say it would be a “brief” post? Not!

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Nice to see you back again..Ff,and glad you are feeling ok...Lovely interesting blog,.sorry about your neighbour's,and their ongoing building works,it must be so frustrating..I would fel the same..glad your garden is coming to life again,and will look forward to your pics..
Take care..:o)

5 Jun, 2011


Pleased you are feeling better now ... shame about losing some plants though. I sympathise with you over the ongoing building work ... been there, done that ... so to speak. It's just very inconsiderate of them really. Good news on the Penstemon. : o )

5 Jun, 2011


Thank you Shirley Tulip and Bloomer for your kind responses. Have added a comment to your blog Shirley.
So lovely to be back here again

5 Jun, 2011


Pleased to see you back again Felin and that you are feeling better.
Thats a long time to put up with as regards next door, especially as to your garden, I doubt that will change until they finish indoors to their satisfaction so try not to let it get you down.
Its good to have the garden sorted, I know its ongoing but so much easier when one has reached the pottering stage and can spend time admiring and of course relaxing out there...
Enjoy your walking, at least when out you won`t hear the banging and drilling.....

6 Jun, 2011


Thanks Lincslass. Your comments have helped me to calm down and refocus.

More activity in due course.

7 Jun, 2011

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