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I have just been reading with interest all the comments about GoY. I must say that I have been very happy with the site as it is & I don’t really feel a need for a chat rooms tho’ of course it is optional whether people use them or not.
My only prob is that I am not notified when my favourite members post anything & consequently I miss a lot, as it is up to me to remember & look everyone up. I had 20 members on my list & some like Klahanie, Pamq & Janeplant have gone, which I accept. People come & go, that’s ok. Others haven’t posted anything for yonks, so I am deleting some of those. However I would still like to be informed when Amy2, Sheilabub, Homebird & Steragram
post anything. Why am I not? Currently the only two people I am told about are Dottydaisy & Hywel.
I must seek out a few more fave members. I don’t like to have too many as I find it difficult to keep up, but at the moment it’s a bit depleted!

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when I go to my news page and scroll down past all the response comments I have a section that tells me when favourites have posted photos etc.

I sometimes get email notification about posts on any question or blog I have written but never about what favourites are doing.

27 Oct, 2019


That's odd Ff ... Like Seaburngirl I scroll down past the favorite members recent photos ..under that it has your favourite members showing how many photos they have put on for you to see .. ..I've never asked for email notification as we have had dubious people saying the strangest things in the past ... I'm still here Ff :o)

27 Oct, 2019


I try to look at everything so don't need to have favourites. How do you get new favourites if you don't look at everything? It doesn't take long just to scroll down the questions and then take a quick look at the blogs. And as there are only four new photos shown on any day its takes only a couple of minutes to have a quick look.

27 Oct, 2019


I don't have a computer & use an IPad. I'm wondering if it's a bit different as I don't see a bit to scroll down past my fave members, telling me if they have posted anything new. I can easily scroll down the questions tho' & keep up with those. I'm not shown any photos other than those put on by Dd & Hywel, or any new blogs. I suppose I'll have to continue to hunt for them. I can't very well look up everyone who uses GoY, I'm sure there must be hundreds, it would take forever!

27 Oct, 2019


Actually not many people use Grows on You. I try to look at all the blogs and photos and it only takes a minute or two. … Just click on the box where it says 'Gardening Blogs' and 'Gardening Pictures'. On some days there are none.

If there was a chat room I wouldn't use it. I haven't got time to sit down yapping to people on a gadget. I like GoY just the way it is. There's no need to change it as far as I am concerned. If someone wants to be yapping they can use twitter or whatever it's called. (I've never tried it myself)

I haven't got an ipad - too fiddly. I use a computer with a nice big screen that I can see properly, and it has a nice big key board for my clumsy fingers :)

28 Oct, 2019


I have recently come off all other chatrooms. I love GoY, but when you join a facebook group, there are so many members, you end up spending hours trolling through all the posts. So from now on its GoY only for me.

29 Oct, 2019


I have also stopped using facebook. I joined a few groups on it but found them rather impersonal. I do have a peep at it on rare occasions ... and that only makes me feel glad I don't bother any more. GoY is much better.

29 Oct, 2019


I have obviously not been using the site properly. I didn't want any emails , I thought new pictures & blogs would appear under my News. Now I know to just click on pictures & blogs & anything new will show. I wasn't doing that, except for garden questions. Sorry, senility setting in!

29 Oct, 2019


Hi Feverfew...I don’t get emails either. I think you only get notifications about your friends..and they appear under your personal notifications on your homepage. So you can either follow the tips above, or just add more friends. I don’t think you’ve been using it wrongly at all! 😀

30 Oct, 2019


I used to get emails and then didn't for ages and they have suddenly started again - but only for things I have commented on. I wouldn't use a chat room either - I spend too much time on Goy as it is, lol...

I love the questions pages and never miss - there is so much to learn from other peoples replies, and its nice to be able to answer the ones you feel you can help with. After all helping each other is what its all about isn't it?

30 Oct, 2019


Yes Sue, and now we’re all trying to help Feverfew 🙂. Ff when you log in you’ll see Your Options in a box at the top with a down arrow, just tap on that and a list will appear of all the latest posts (photos and blogs) by your favourite members. I’m on my iPad now and it’s just the same as on my computer. Good luck!

31 Oct, 2019


Thankyou Sheila. I have it sorted now!

1 Nov, 2019


That’s good Ff ... never any harm in asking 🙂.

1 Nov, 2019


Great Stuff - stick with it!

30 Dec, 2022

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