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A Pageant of English Verse


I won’t arise & go now, & go to Innispree.
I’ll sanitize the doorknob & make a cup of tea.
I won’t go down to the sea again, I won’t go out at all,
I’ll wander lonely as a cloud from the kitchen to the hall.

There’s a green-eyed yellow monster to the north of Katmandu,
But I shan’t be seeing him just yet & nor,I think, will you.
While the dawn comes up like thunder on the road to Mandalay, l’ll make my bit of supper & eat it off a tray.

I shall not speed my bonnie boat across the sea to Skye,
or take the rolling English road from Birningham to Rye.

About the woodland, just right now, I am not free to go,
To see the keep out posters or the cherry hung with snow,
And I won’t be travelling much within the realms of gold,
Or get me to Milford Haven. All that’s been put on hold.

Give me your hand, I shan’t request, albeit we are friends,
Nor come within a mile of you , until this trial ends.

Poet Unknown.

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That is BRILLIANT! Having just listened to a programme about nursing in Covid I really needed cheering . I found 10 poems - did I miss any?

2 Feb, 2021


I agree ... what an exceptional talent. At first I thought it was yours Josee - really clever 🙂.

2 Feb, 2021


Oh goodness, I did enjoy that. Thanks for posting.

2 Feb, 2021


Yes, I really enjoyed it too. Love the first two lines!!

Please add some more if you find any.

2 Feb, 2021


Haha Brilliant thanks Ff for the smile :o)

3 Feb, 2021


Brilliant, I must remember to save it.

3 Feb, 2021


Glad that you have all enjoyed it, as I have.
I have tried to write a verse of my own but it's not very good.
I will not walk with kings, I'll keep my virtue.
Nor mix with crowds, ( must avoid the common touch).
Instead I'll seek the open road below me, & trust the folks that pass, (but none too much).

Now I'm stuck. Needs someone else to finish it off. Along the lines of, When...this is over.... & we are out in our gardens again, using other poems of course.

I found 10 poems as well Yorklass. I'm not sure about the Milford Haven reference though.

4 Feb, 2021


And when these trials are over & the victory is won,
I'll be working in my garden, or sitting in the sun.😊

4 Feb, 2021


Very good Josee 🙂.

4 Feb, 2021


Thanks for that Ff, I really enjoyed it...x Added to favs.

5 Feb, 2021


One of my favorite quotes comes from author Sara Ella and it was picked up by Disney's Beauty & the Beast production. I can barely remember anything else about the show, but this has stayed with me.

'“Because true beauty comes from within, from the person you are.”

6 Feb, 2021


That’s worth remembering Paul, thanks. My mother told me something similar (I’m not pretty, but she told me I was “beautiful on the inside” 🙂). Thank goodness for mothers, lol!

6 Feb, 2021


That is absolutely brilliant Feverfew! It sure put a smile on my face!

6 Feb, 2021


What a talented lot Goyers are - not only gardeners but poets too...
When your back stops aching
And your palms begin to harden
You will find yourself a partner
In the glory of the garden!

6 Feb, 2021


That's good, Yorklass, a bit Kipling there, I think. We are all partners in the glory of the garden but all do different things in it, & a few nothing, except scrumping apples perhaps!

7 Feb, 2021


Lol! Or gooseberries in my case...

7 Feb, 2021


That's worth sharing with others. Excellent.

8 Feb, 2021


Fab poetry ! Thanks for sharing.🙂

3 Nov, 2021

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