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No longer nameless..


Thanks to some very helpful Goy members I now have names for some more of my plants. It’s so exciting!

This one is Red Valerian, Centranthus ruber and since Googling it I’ve found that it likes to settle in walls etc. My little patch of it is quite near to an already ropey wall so I’ll need to keep an eye on it to make sure it doesn’t get a hold in there. I’ve read that it can do quite a bit of damage to walls.

It’s quite a pretty one and self seeds easily so it’s a keeper. This year a few of the seeds seem to have taken up residence on the old leylandii stump.

This next one is Spoon Leaved Stonecrop Sedum spathulifolium and it looks a lot like ‘Cape Blanco’ (according to Google images). It’s really little and lives in what we like to call ‘The Rockery’ but is really just a pile of rubble. I hope it doesn’t mind being moved when the time comes to make a proper rockery.

Those little grey rosettes are only about 1cm acorss and look like little flowers to me, but I think they’re just the leaves. Those spiky green leaves belong to another plant and are not part of this one.

This last next one I really like a lot. One of the Cornflower family. Not the best photo but they’re such a vivid blue in real life and have a lovely lacey look to them.

I thought they looked like Centaurea montana but more informed gardeners tell me it’s likely Centaurea cyanus. I’ll have to bow to their superior knowledge.

It’s very pretty and seems to spread really easily (which is good as I need groundcover in that area) but will have to keep and eye on it though as I don’t want it to take over.

I’m hoping it’s a bit dryer tomorrow so I can get out there and make a start on things properly but I’ve decided that if it’s rainy again I’m going to the garden center to see if they have all the new stuff I’ve put on my list since getting settled on Goy. I’m so motivated by everyone’s lovely gardens and plants. I want it all!!

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Great start Fife :)

28 May, 2014


I like the valerian in the tree stump and the stonecrop. Is the yellow flower from the stonecrop? If not, it looks like Allium moly to me. I love cornflowers too but they don't do well for me.

28 May, 2014


I thought the centaurea were a bit on the dainty side to be the more common one and tend to agree with montana. You can always do what a lot of folk do (me included) and just call them cornflowers.

28 May, 2014


Thank you, Scottish :) I'll get there eventually.

TuesdayBear, I like them on the stump too. A happy accident. Most of what goes on in my garden is of the happy accident variety though :D
The yellow flower is part of the stonecrop, yes. It's the first time I've noticed the flowers though. Those are the only few on a fairly large patch. I hope some more come to brighten it all up.

Steragram, that's what I thought too. The other variety looked a bit too dainty compared to mine. This one seems quite stocky.

28 May, 2014


Thank you, Fife. I wasn't sure, as I couldn't remember if stonecrop's flower was yellow and the green blades look like bulb foliage.

28 May, 2014


I think you're right, they're bulbs of some sort. Can't think what they are now though, I'll have to check. I hope it's not that wild garlic again....

28 May, 2014


Hmmmm......I diagnose Goy addiction!
welcome to the club Fife :0)

29 May, 2014


Welcome Fifegarden's looks like your enjoying the site. Nice photos.

29 May, 2014


Definitely addicted Pam! :D

Thanks Alan, I'm enjoying it so much! Another hobby added to the list!

29 May, 2014


Thats it you are now lost to Goy,actually its been a mind saver during the last two weeks, I call it my armchair gardening and that apart from watering the g'houses is all one can do at the moment, ( my smiley weatherman says its gonna be better tomorrow) you'll find the supermarket aisles fascinating as well as the GC's Fife and if you are lucky enough to have a local nursery you'll find its getting near to the time when they have real bargains as they wish to get rid of their stock of bedding and suchlike....

29 May, 2014


You're right, Lincslass...I fear there is no going back now, lol! I had hubby out the back after tea and was pointing out things and giving them names like an old pro :D

Still can't remember a single botanical name but the common names I've got committed to memory.

I'm not sure if we have a nursery nearby, I know there's the big Dobbies not far and a little GC even closer but it's not something I've ever really paid attention to before and wouldn't have noticed any in passing.

That's all going to change now though!

29 May, 2014


Tuesdaybear, just noticed your comment about stonecrop flowers being yellow. I was surprised to discover that the wild one which grows in Derbyshire on the limestone has white flowers, but they are smaller than the yellow garden one.

29 May, 2014

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