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By fionab


I’ve got a wisteria I grew from seed, and this year it’s about to flower – has anyone else experienced one flowering from seed? I’ve no idea what the flowers will be like – it’s either a wisteria floribnda, or a wisteria floribunda “macrobotrys”, I can’t remember which seed it came from. I sowed thwm in 2000, so it’s only 9 years!

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Welcome to Goy Fiona and well done you ..notoriously difficult to get wisteria to flower from seed and the patience required to only find you have dud that wont flower is beyond most , hence the reason for grafting them.

Only 9 years is no joke as possible to wait almost twice that long for them to mature to flowering from seed .. personally I m too old and life too short for that !

Floribunda comes in a range of colours and commonly known as Japanese wisteria - as opposed to Wisteria sinensis , Chinese wisteria.

It has longer raecemes of flower and could be blue white purple or even pink that can grow to a foot long or more ..nice.

Think Macobotrys a purple floribunda with dark centres commonly but again other shades including white are available so after 9 years a little longer to find which colour you have least you got a flower !

4 May, 2009


Hi Fiona. Welcome to GoY.
I don't know anything about wisterias. I had one once for many years and it never flowered. I got rid of it in the end. Congratulations for growing one from seed.

4 May, 2009


What patience you have! I am very impressed - well done you! Please post a photo when it is in bloom.

4 May, 2009


Well done , welcome to GOY.

4 May, 2009

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