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Thank You Crocus..Peony Leaf Blotch.


Hi fellow Goyers..
Just wanted to add a short blog to acknowledge the plant company ‘Crocus’.

Recently I received a lovely gift from a great friend, via Crocus. This was my ‘Bowl of Beauty Peony that I recently featured in my photos.
We were so impressed with the quality of the plant, and the exceptional packaging and fast delivery, that my dear old OH, decided that as it was our 29th Wedding Anniversary recently in June, he would order a couple of different Peonies for me as I have developed such a weakness for them. (What can I say? I’m a gardener! lol)

Sure enough the plants arrived, A ‘Sarah Bernhardt’ (ruffled pink) and a ‘Coral Charm’.
Within ten very rainy days, I started to notice that the ’Sarah Bernhardt’ was showing signs of dark spotting on the leaves, and ignorant of Peony diseases, I took some photos and emailed the company to ask if they could advise.

Within a short time I received a really helpful reply back from Hanna at Customer Service.
She informed that that the plant was suffering from Peony Leaf Blotch, a fungus which has been caused by the damp and warm Spring that we have recently experienced, and that it was not infectious to my other plants.
She also informed me that a replacement plant had been ordered and would be delivered shortly. (It actually arrived the very next day!)

Hanna advised that the original Peony could either be disposed of, or treated with a general purpose fungicide and still planted out but to dispose of any fallen debris in Autumn.

In an age when Customer Service can be indifferent at best, and positively unhelpful at others, I wanted to take this opportunity to praise a company that values its customers.
All too often we are quick to complain when they get it wrong, but slow to praise when they get it right..
Crocus, well done in being the latter!

As gardeners, we are often dependant on Mail Order plant purchases, and I think that most of us at one time or another, have received either wrong orders or poorly performing plants that we have bought in good faith. I certainly know that I have in the past.
It is refreshing to find a company that sets itself a standard and upholds it.
This promotes future orders and restores customer faith. You just cannot put a price on that..

Much as I would love to add photos of my two recent Peonies, they are not in bloom at the moment, but I will add some photos of the Peony Leaf Blotch in case this is a problem that has affected your plants or is something to be aware of due to this very wet Spring and Summer that we are all experiencing this year. I hope this proves helpful.

Thank you once again Crocus, for restoring the faith..

This is another photo of my Bowl of Beauty Peony, the whole reason I fell in love with this particular genus.

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Flori, I agree, we are always quick to complain and its nice to hear that a company actually cares, i like Crocus, they have a great website and nice ideas too. Its funny but I planted a B of B peony years ago only to find it flowering this year for the first time!!

4 Jul, 2012


Hi Flori ...
Interesting to see the photos of the blotch.
Glad that Crocus were so helpful :o)

Happy anniversary... how kind of your OH !

4 Jul, 2012


Well done Flori. If you don't inform a supplier how are they to know, the reputable ones like Crocus who make it right restore my faith in human nature...
Your Peony is lovely I can see why you fell in love.....

4 Jul, 2012


Yes Crocus an excellent company only once I have had are replacement.

And used them for many yrs.

4 Jul, 2012


Thank you for looking in on me Grandmage. I have been let down by a few postal plant companies in the past so am usually wary, but Crocus really impressed me, and I thought that it would be nice to bring this to gardener's attention. I cannot fault their Customer Service. I know that Peonies can take a couple of years to settle before they bloom. I had a red one in a raised bed, that did nothing for years but leaf, but we ended up moving it though I know they don't like being disrupted, this year we had four large blooms out of it. I think the real problem with these plants is actually planting them too deep and they also don't like to be too crowded at the base. I am learning so much since I have taken an interest in these.
Glad to hear that your B of B flowered for you at last my friend. I think that this Peony Leaf Blotch could be a major problem this year due to the very wet conditions we are facing. Am hoping this blog proves useful to other plant owners out there.

4 Jul, 2012


Well done for giving credit where it is due. I do like your Bowl of Beauty and I know you will enjoy your new ones too. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

4 Jul, 2012


Hi Terra, Pam and got in before I could post a I am hoping that these blog photos will prove informative so gardeners know what to look out for. Yes, my OH is pretty special..

That was the way I looked at it Pam..When they do something right, it should be shouted from the rooftops! lol..I know that they have restored my faith and I would not hesitate to use them again. Those few words speak volumes..

Glad to hear that you have also received the same great service Scotkat..Thank you too Scotsgran! Thank you all for posting..\0/x

4 Jul, 2012


Happy Anniversary to you both Flori.

Yes they are a great company to deal with .

And you also get cash back with Quidco .

4 Jul, 2012


Nominated for GoYpedia Peonies :o)

4 Jul, 2012


Hadn't realised that about Quidco, so thank you for mentioning it Scotkat, will look into it. Thanks for the Anniversary congrats too...\0/x

Thank you Terra..bless you my friend. \0/x

4 Jul, 2012


That makes a refreshing change Flori. I love the photo, it's a beautiful flower. Congrats from me too xxxxx

4 Jul, 2012


I've used crocus on numerous occasions and have always been impressed with the quality of the plants and other products.
I have a peony (not sure which one) and whilst it's beautiful it seems to be cursed! The day it flowers the rain always comes and ruins the flowers and it doesn't flower again until the following year when once again you can guarantee it will rain once again! Other than the foliage always looks healthy and provides some nice greenery.

4 Jul, 2012


I too agree that Crocus has got great customer service, but I am not too sure about the plants they sell, I ordered a lot of plants from them in Feb/March and I ended up with lots and lots of weeds instead, which were growing in the pots with the plants that they sold me. I was hugely disappointed with the quality of most of them and after waiting for a period of time as they suggested the actual plants were still dead approx 20 of them. They did refund me but by then it was too late to re order from another supplier and plant for this year, but all that said I do agree the customer service is good.

6 Jul, 2012


Great blog Flori and very useful information too, thank you for sharing your pictures and findings. I must admit I didn't know anything about Peony Leaf Blotch before.
I have ordered plants from Crocus in the past, and like you, I wouldn't hesitate in ordering plants from them again, as mine were healthy and well packaged too. I use Quidco too Scotkat but didn't think of that when I ordered from Crocus..thank you too Kath.
Hope you and your OH had a lovely anniversary Flori - take care my friend :-)

7 Jul, 2012


Thanks for the tip on Quidco Scotkat, I had never heard of it before, it will be nice to get money back for a change!!!

7 Jul, 2012


Never heard of Quidco..what is it? Flori, congratulations on your Anniversary me dear and congrats to Crocus too:-) Great blog, very informative, Now wasn't Coral Charm that beautiful peony we saw at Tets? Loved the colour. Love Sarah Bernhardt too. I had a magnificent Bowl of Beauty at my old held the flowers well too...a lovely sight. My new peony is getting its marching orders though (the one in my JUNE GARDEN BLOG) It's coming out as soon as possible. Look how hard GOY has made me. The flowers lasted only a few days, but were spoiled by the discoloured stamens. I put a question on about it last year, but no-one seemed to know what the problem was:-)

8 Jul, 2012

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