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Dandelion clocks ahoy!


By fluff


I was just telling a dear friend of mine about the dandelion clocks that invaded our house last weekend.
All day as we sat outside on the decking they kept floating by … hundreds & hundreds of them … a non-stop flurry!
They came in the house as all the doors & windows were open … when I tried to hoover them up they just puffed away in the down draught from the hoover & skittered off to hide behind & under every piece of furniture!
As I was driving to work that week I had noticed fields covered in the yellow flowers & thought then that there seemed to be too many dandelions than was healthy!

It was on the radio this week that they said that as a result of a late Spring the dratted things had put on a spurt of growth & re-produced like there was no tomorrow! The light winds had sent them flying around in the air to settle everywhere & do what dandelion clocks do best!

They also said that some trains had been grounded, so to speak, due to … yes you’ve guessed it … clocks in the filters! All clogged up & nowhere to go!
Another excuse for the rail companies … after the wrong kind of snow & leaves on the line!

Just in case anyone maligns the humble dandelion … don’t we all … Aunty Google says it’s name comes from the French ‘dent de lion’ referring to the coarsely toothed leaves & was also called ‘piss-a-bed’ in English folklore as it has strong diuretic properties. It is thought of as a beneficial weed but also as a ‘plant for which we once knew the use but have forgotten it’…a bit like my bicycle in the shed!

Sorry no photos but I’m not too hot on photography this week! ;O)

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Dear me Fluff, sounds like you are up to your neck in just that: fluff!

1 Jun, 2010


Reminds me of the song by Jerry Lee lewis"Goodness,Gracious,Great balls of Fluff"...Fluff.Lol.

2 Jun, 2010


i as thinking the same thing this year there seems to be quite a lot of them,and as i live on a council estate the people who dont do there gardens seem to be cultivateing them

2 Jun, 2010


I've noticed lots of Dandelions this year aswell. Much m ore than usual.

2 Jun, 2010


As you say Fluff they are much maligned as weeds but they do have a lot of health benefits which we seem to have forgotten about. But they do invade the lawn, beds, borders and apparently air filters on trains! Lol

2 Jun, 2010


I go foraging for dandelions for my tortoises, who eat them like there is no tomorrow! I have to collect them from out of the way places so they are not polluted by traffic. I even cultivate a few in the garden too. I am often told that I will 'wet the bed' when I carry home a big bunch :)

2 Jun, 2010


Blimey ... didn't even think about the fluff connection! Lol!
I used to gather them for the rabbits & winnie bigs I kept as a child ... & get stained hands from the milky stuff.
I bought some water retention tablets today from the health shop & they contain dandelion root!

2 Jun, 2010


A verge full of dandelions looks so nice as you drive past, it's easy to forget that they are weeds. But a weed 'is only a flower growing in the wrong place' ..... or so they say! lol.

3 Jun, 2010


Amazing yellow aren't they?

3 Jun, 2010


we have had a fluf storm 4 the last 2 days and i thort it was the d clocks but no. its the seed pods from the trees they poped open and were every were lol just like u said .dont no the name of the tree but it was like a snow storm

3 Jun, 2010


Maybe that tree has popped early too Cristina ... due to the early Spring!

4 Jun, 2010


Never had that Homebird ... the drink not the bedwetting! ;O)

28 Jun, 2010


We never have enough dandelions in Oz... I sooooo enjoy blowing the seeds every where and seeing 'what time it is'... only I'm not blessed with great lung power and it's always like 16 o'clock or something ;o)

29 Jun, 2010


Aw Pip ... my Daddy used to yell at me for doing that ... nicely tho'!! He said I'd caused so many new dandelions to grow they would come up thru' the floorboards!!

29 Jun, 2010


Homebird, I think Dandelion and Burdock is a northern drink, just as Vimto is. I think we should start exporting both, don't you? lol

30 Jun, 2010


Don't they know about Tizer either?.............. Tizer the

1 Jul, 2010


They both came from Manchester didn't they? Vimto being 'Vim Tonic?'

1 Jul, 2010


Eh tha's right Fluff. Tha mus be northern lass at 'art ta know that ............... lol

2 Jul, 2010


Eee by gum Silverbelle - I went oop north to Googleland as I were reet interested in where these drinks came from!

2 Jul, 2010


....and didst tha smuggle sum back t'ome? ......... i won't tell if tha won't....

2 Jul, 2010


Well ... ah'm afeart I mun seem nobbut a silly old faggot but I had the reet champion idea of doing that but I forgeet & now I'm ah'm fair worn out!

2 Jul, 2010


ha ha ha ha

2 Jul, 2010


LOL you two :o)

5 Jul, 2010



6 Jul, 2010

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