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Lulworth Cove in Dorset.


By fluff


These pics were taken last year before I had my computer problems … I guess the landscape hasn’t changed much since then so I thought you might like to see a lovely part of the Jurassic Coast & it seemed a pity not to use the photos.

This is the local pub as you walk out of the car park … it’s popular with tourists all year round as this is a well – visited area in any season …

There are pretty little thatched cottages … what a lovely place to live … except for sharing your space with lots of tourists maybe?

But old Marmalade here wasn’t bothered by all the human feet plodding by …

The old buildings here are still used daily tho’ we went just after lunch so the fishermen were back for the day …

Lobster pots neatly stacked …

This tiered garden must present a few challenges … with 4 separate lawns to tackle!

There’s a high ridge behind the pub & judging by that aerial someone lives up there in the trees!

Walking down to the water’s edge …

Beautiful, calm , blue sea … well … it looked blue!

A bit of a climb …

Prince Charles was there before us …

But the climb was so worth it …

These are photos taken of the same rock formations but from different angles …

Sheer cliffs … you just wanted to go down to the bottom & explore!

It looks like it’s evening coming on but it was just that the sun was so bright in the afternoon it put everything into dark shadow!

Including Ben & Jerry here!

The lad on the left was one of a group of students on a geology course sketching with their tutor on the edge of the cliff … a nice change from the classroom I bet!

The view back across the pub & surrounding gift shops & tearooms etc …

There wasn’t much flora around but this grew all along the path …

There are some very disappointing public loos on the way … not worth a photo! … but here is a little garden with all the buckets & spades that have been left behind from rock pool adventures over the years!

We went down the road to Durdle Door afterwards but my camera chose that moment to run out of battery power … a lesson I’ve learnt now … to always take spare batteries as they don’t last 5 minutes when you’re out & about snapping away!
Hopefully we’ll go back on our week off (soon … yippee!!) … so I can show you Durdle Door then. :o))

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Lovely, lovely blog, Fluff, just called OH to view this as he loves Lulworth Cove after we had a 5 day break there a few years ago. Peaceful, calm days for us and we also saw a group of students on our visit. Thanks so much for sharing your day, I've really enjoyed this, just scrolling up for another look. : o ))))))))

8 Aug, 2010


It looks like a very beautiful area there Fluff. A lot of climbing though, and it looks steep..... is it? All that fresh air as well, lovely. It's no wonder you enjoyed your day out in such lovely surroundings.

8 Aug, 2010


Thanks Shirley ... that's nice ... we love it there too ... I used to learn about it in geography lessons at school ... coastal erosion & natural stacks etc!

And thank you Silverbelle ... my camera played up a lot ... there were photos I'd thought I'd taken that just weren't there when we got home! Grrr!
There is one side which is a steeper incline where the serious walkers go but we took the easier option!! There was just that one bit that they've 'stepped' to make it more user - friendly! :o))

8 Aug, 2010


Great blog and photos, Fluff, I haven't been to Lulworth Cove for nearly 50 years! I spent two weeks there looking after children while the parents had a holiday break. During some time off a couple of the parents treated me to a trip to the cover. I seem to remember caves? Very happy memories, thanks :)

8 Aug, 2010


enjoyed that Fluff coastlines are fascinating I enjoy the programme on tv, they helped explain all the layers of rock along that bit of coast , we go to Poole and have had boat trips to ' old harry's rocks' which I think is the start-- his poor wife is a shadow of her former self now !

8 Aug, 2010


Yes Gee there might well be caves ... we didn't have time to explore but I'm determined to have a closer look next time. Thanks for your comments.

Thanks Pam ... Old Harry's Rocks are 2 chalk stacks near Studland ... we ought to go see them too ... I love any natural creations like that. Poole is about an hour & a half from us. Apparently old Harry was either the Devil or a famous Poole pirate who hid what he stole there.

8 Aug, 2010


just be careful where you walk on the beach----- I understand its naturist--- just hearsay of course ;o)
I didn't know who harry was I'm going again in september and I'll try to find out!

8 Aug, 2010


Lovely blog Fluff.Thanks for sharing it.

8 Aug, 2010


Haha yes it is a famous naturist beach Pam! :;o))

Thank you Camilia ,,, nice to hear from you.:o)

8 Aug, 2010


Lovely blog and photos thanks for sharing.

8 Aug, 2010


Isn`t it lovely there Fluff? We go to that part of Dorset almost every year and visit Lulworth each time. I like the little duck pond on the way down to the beach. Thanks for the lovely photos. :o)

8 Aug, 2010


Thanks Carole ... you're very welcome. :o)

Ooh Labd ... I had a pic of a moorhen in that pond but the water level was so low it was just standing in the mud & I deleted it to get the pics in order for my blog. It's one of our favourite haunts ... the cove, not the pond(!) & we'll go again this month. ;o)

8 Aug, 2010


lovely blog & photos...looks a lovely place...

8 Aug, 2010


Now that is a coastline!
Lovely Fluff.

8 Aug, 2010


That's so lovely, and so much to see. I do love the Lobster pots. It looks like you had a great time:)

9 Aug, 2010


What a beautiful part of the country Fluff and a lovely blog to show us. Love the bucket and spade tree ! lol ;~))

9 Aug, 2010


really enjoyed that thank you x

9 Aug, 2010


Such a great blog, Fluff, and a joy to take that journey with you too, you really are an excellent guide lol! Beautiful photos capturing the lovliness of this coastal area....a real joy.... :~))x

9 Aug, 2010


Thank you Elsiemay ... it is a lovely place & fairly close to us.

Ian ... thanks ... we should explore our coastline more really but we always go back here as it's so beautiful!

Thanks Silvirsherr ... I had to look them up to see if they were lobster pots ... I'm no fisherman!

Hey B8 ... cheers missus! Glad you liked it!

Thank you Cristina & Flori ... that's so nice of you to say so. :o))

9 Aug, 2010


Lovely photos and write up Fluff. We have been there for a holiday many years ago and I had forgotten just how beautiful it is there.

10 Aug, 2010


Thank you Richard ... it is a lovely place. :o))

10 Aug, 2010


A lovely blog and pics Fluff.We went a few years ago,but only for the day,so not enough time to explore.One of my neighbours used to live there,and worked at either a tearoom or hotel,as her late husband was stationed there for a time, during the second world war.Hopefully we will return to see more of this beautiful place.

10 Aug, 2010


Thanks Bloomer ... yes I hope you do return ... it's one of those places that won't change much in our lifetime but has been formed over thousands of years ... quite wonderful.

11 Aug, 2010


lovely Fluff! was there some quite some years ago but doesn't seem to have changed much~as I remember we had a thunder storm and torrential rain after climbing to the top and got soaked~ then the sun came out again and everyone was steaming gently in the heat!

14 Aug, 2010


Thanks Arlene ... that happened to me this Sat tho' not at Lulworth!

15 Aug, 2010


lovely pics fluff and woulodnt mind going there myself one day, lovely place, had a giggle and all the buckets and spades lol

20 Aug, 2010


Thanks San ... you should go ... tho' I bet there are some lovely sights like this where you live too. :o)

23 Aug, 2010


yes close to lakes etc so can be in the countryside within an hour or less fluff ;o))

23 Aug, 2010


We are lucky eh?

23 Aug, 2010


sure are fluff ;o))

25 Aug, 2010

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