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I have always had a love of plants and gardening and have over the years become more interested in growing unusual things,seeds from tropical fruit etc
About 18 years ago I got hooked on Venus Fly Traps (Dionea muscipula).I guess thats the one that gets everyone hooked lol.First purchase,in "the dome of death",never did work!!
The addiction of carnivores had started.
Now its Saracennia,Drosera and of course VFTS all of which I grow in a cold,unheated greenhouse,even through winter.

Definition of a weed......Any plant that will survive at least one week in a garden without being kept warm,watered,fertilised,pruned,sprayed,staked,mulched,misted,dusted,or wrapped in sacking,paper or plastic

Latest photos

  • Ready made custard! (Annona cherimola (Custard Apple))
  • Pride of rochester 2 (Deutzia scabra "Pride of Rochester")
  • Pride of Rochester (Deutzia scabra "Pride of Rochester")
  • Young Kiwi plants (Actinidia chinensis)

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Joined in Aug 2009

Country: United Kingdom

County: Nottinghamshire