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By fran44


Hi everyone, I’m so new to this website and its taking me time to get around things. I’ve been so busy in the garden as well and I will be busy over the next few months. I bought the property I am currently living in just over a year ago but owing to having to do lots of work in the house itself I only managed to move into it in September of last year. The garden has had to wait but it was full of rubbish and very overgrown.

I have now managed to get a patio laid and a terrace at the bottom of the garden where once stood an old shed and loads of rubbish. There were also 15 huge confirs there but the previous owner removed those but has left the stumps. Anyone any idea of how to get rid of them without bringing someone in to cut them down further! I was lucky to inherit a wonderful wistaria which has been grown as a tree right on the boundary of the garden and where I have just had a fence erected, but the wistaria must be all of 25 years old and has been wonderful this year. I have also inherited a magnolia tree, a double flowering ornamental cherry, a thornless holly, a red robin and another bush which I have no idea of its name. Loads of tulips, daffoldils, english bluebells, forget-me-not, cowslips, primroses, and now some other plants which I have no idea what they are. They are bronze leaves with a bronze stem from the middle with loads of bright orange flower heads. I also have the problem of the mares tail which is growing through everything but I am reluctant to start digging about until everything is through and I know what I have. I will try and upload some photos and will keep looking through your photos and blogs for ideas of planting (although I have some ideas of which I like myself and its just about everything lol!)

Have no idea how to prune the wistaria though, and I have a rose which grew to about 7 ft tall and has the most powerful perfume, I cut it right back and its now growing high again, so I don’t really know if I did the right thing as I have little knowlege of roses. I also cut a Himaylan honeysuckle right back because I understood you can but it appears I’ve lost that one, and as its tubular (hollow stems) I wonder if it will grow back or not. Hope you enjoyed my blog and any help would be appreciated, will have to work on the front garden soon, will now try and upload the pictures.

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Welcome to GOY great work, The Wisteria is lovely if you post this pic of it on 'Questions' I am sure someone will tell you about pruning it?

31 May, 2010


Welcome from me too! You have done a lot to the garden in such a short time...

31 May, 2010


wow its lovely,love the wisteria,must have been hard work,you deserve a bottle of wine

31 May, 2010


Welcome from me too Fran,and your garden looks to be coming on well,after all your hard work.Look forward to seeing your progress :o)

31 May, 2010


You've done a lot of work and it's made a big improvement.
Good luck with the rest of it.

31 May, 2010


welcome, your garden`s looking good

31 May, 2010


Welcome Fran, looks like you have gotten off to a pretty good start, and have been quite busy... it's looking quite lovely can't wait to see your progress.

2 Jun, 2010


Heres to the next couple of years, looking forward to all the follow-up photos. N answer to mare tail its a real nuisance, I just keep on top of it, when it pops up just pull it out. happy gardening.

10 Jun, 2010


Hi & welcome to GoY, Fran! You will find plenty of people who love to grow things & amongst them you are bound to find somebody who can help you with practically anything :-) Just post your questions in the Questions page & someone will try to help you. I've posted a few questions & I've also answered a few questions as well.

Like many others above I love your Wisteria, trained in the form of a tree! Most unusual! I've seen a few old Wisteria but never trained as a tree! If you have any contact with the previous owners of your house perhaps they could give you some advice on how to look after it, though I suspect that its care consists in little more than a light pruning of the "branches" once or twice a year.

Nice to meet someone else in Cambs! :-)

15 Jun, 2010


Just been looking at your latest photos of your garden it looks fabulous also your before photos what a great achievement, I too had a very run down garden and thoroughly enjoyed making it my own. Lets hope the summer evening improve so we can enjoy our hard work:)

12 Jun, 2015

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