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Gardening books – for the 2nd time!


Couple of years ago I listed all my gardening books and put them on the PC – where they promptly disappear! So here goes for a second time: now I’ve got GoY, I can post this on there so I’ll be able to find it the next time the PC hides it.


“Best” – Stefan Buczacki:
Container Plants – Evergreen Trees & Shrubs – First-Time Gardener – Foliage Shrubs – Herbs – Shade Plants – Summer Flowering Shrubs – Water Plants – Winter Plants

“Expert” – Dr D G Hessayon:
Bedding Plant – Bulb – Easy-Care Gardening – Evergreen –Flowering Shrub – Garden – Garden Revival – Houseplant – Indoor plant spotter – Rock & Water Garden – Rose (x2 no date on earliest, but cover price is 2/6!) –Tree & Shrub (also Home DIY & Flower Arranging but neither garden themed!)

RHS (various):
Containers (Robinson) – Hanging Baskets (Joyce) – Hardy Perennials (Edwards) – Low-Maintenance Gardening (Toogood) – Patios & Courtyards (Newbury) – Roses (Hawthorne) – Small Gardens (Moreland) – Water In A Small Garden (Carter)

Other by theme:

Alpines Step-byStep (Robinson) – Rock Gardens & Alpine Plants: Practical Garden Guides (Joyce)

Conifers (Bloom):
Conifers and Heathers – Making the Most of Conifers & Heathers

Creating a Container Garden – Gardening Without a Garden (Search)

101 Gardens (Cassy) – ABC Guide to Garden Flowers (Sbewell-Cooper 1955) – Complete Guide to Gardening (Mchoy) – Garden Design – Gardening Trade Secrets (Lapworth) – Idiot Gardener’s Handbook – Plant Guide – Practical Gardening

Indoor Garden Book (Brookes) – Indoor Gardens (Ware Bulong) – Indoor Water Garden Design (Rees)

Miniature (Ashbury unless otherwise):
Miniature Alpine Gardening (Hills – 1945!) – Miniature Gardens 1951– Miniature Trees & Shrubs – Gardens in Miniature – Gardens on a Higher Level 1969

Outdoor DIY:
Outdoor DIY (Lawrence Et Al) – Outdoors & Gardens (Jackson & Day)

Scented Plants –Cassel’s Directory (Squire)

Small (their definition of “small”!):
20 Best Small Gardens (Newbury) – Plants For Small Gardens (Welland) – Small Garden Planner (Sweetingburgh)

Pond Specialist (Bridgewater) – Waterfalls And Fountains (Swindells)

Creating a Wildlife Garden (Gibbons) – No Nettles Required (Thompson) – Wildlife Gardening For Everyone (Tait)

Woodland Gardening (Bird) (only one I’ve been able to find at less than £30!)

All of these I bought while still garden-less; then I had a blank canvas to dream on. Now I’ve got a garden (sort of), so a lot of these will no longer be relevant – most of these books assume that a “small garden” is at least bigger than a large matchbox – even that patio book thinks that a patio is bigger than my entire flat!

new additions: Really Small Gardens – RHS; Small Trees – Peter McHoy; Not Just Small But Tiny – Miller & Omerod (canme across the second two while looking for the first)

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Wow! Fran! And I thought I was bad! I must have a look at my collection and see if there are any there that might be useful to you and you might be able to get them on Amazon. I LOVE a good gardening book, they just transport you away on flights of fancy...until you land with a terrible bump of reality when you realise the amount of work involved! Still it's all grand fun!

1 Jun, 2011


That's an impressive list Fran - have you ever thought of being a volunteer gardener for someone like the National trust?

1 Jun, 2011


Thanks Libet and Drc - blushes, I didn't think anyone would be interested, it was just "somewhere safe" to keep the list that I was pertty sure I'd be able to find again!

I need to list them - and to find the list! - if only to make sure that I don't buy the same book twice. There are a lot of "miniature garden" books by the same author as I already have, but I'm not sure if these are indeed different books, or just updated versions of ones I already have.

Amazon has so many gardening books that sound interesting, but one can't flick through them and check before buying - now some of the books have a "look inside" feature and I've been able to check a bit, and cross a few off my wish list - and add a few. There have been some wonderful books that I really wished were relevant - my dream is a woodland garden, or at least, the feel of a woodland glade, but ...

I might be getting rid of some of these later - now I have to scale my ideas down to the available space, and a lot of these books aren't going to fit, not by any stretch.

I did get some literature from [I think] NT about volunteering holidays, but I'm not sure I'm up to that much work, and I don't want to be a passenger. Besides, the very fact that I have so many books is a pretty good indication that I'm a total newbie!

I'm trying to get in with disabled garden charities; some have communacl gardening schemes, but it depends how far away they are: what's putting me off the Dito garden is getting there and back.

1 Jun, 2011


I thought I was bad too . . . with my 42 gardening books. One of my favourites is the Border Book by Anna Pavord, which I was delighted to find in a sale for £4! Christopher Lloyd's "Well-tempered garden" is on my bedside pile; I like Beth Chatto's "Shade", but top of my list for inspiration for natural planting and nodding while reading(!) is "Wildside" by Keith Wiley.

7 Jun, 2011


I'll look those up, thanks, Shellabub, and at least put them on my "want" list when I get a enough of a garden to justify buying more!

7 Jun, 2011

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