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I was posting on a picture, as were a lot of other people, and the subject somehow got derailed into PC and how-to.

Not fair to hijack a thread like that; I don’t know if this will be allowed under “other”, but there’s only one way to find out.

I don’t want to sound like I think I’m an expert; what I know is tiny compared to what I don’t know – but if this blog is allowed, then others can come and educate us (I would have put the shorthand for “smile” in there, but it might come out as a single bold “s”)

It’s not a blog as such, but a “starter for ten” where people can ask and answer techie questions.

Here’s my kick-off:

How to do bold and italics.
Put words you want in bold inside asterisks like this
Put words you want in intalics between underlines like this

Presumably, to get bold italics, you’d do both; I don’t know if it makes a difference whether you do the asterisk or underline first.

They only work in blogs, not in comments on threads

I write my blogs in Word (it spellchecks as I’m going along) and then paste them in; I’ll have to “review” the blog to see if the “like this”es come out in bold and italics, or still with the asterisks and underlines.

I can’t make the blog show the asterisks and underlines: it formats what’s inside those characters no matter what I do.

Some people don’t have Word, but you can use whatever option you have, or Notepad, to put the text into the blog, and then go through it to add the asterisks and underlines where needed.

You can also type directly into the “write blog” and do that as you go along.

new discovery! putting numbers in square brackets makes them subscript and also a link 2011 – even if only a link to itself! I don’t know if that would work for website urls; let’s see now []

Aooarently not! I assume it’s for footnotes, which are generally indicated by numbers in squarebrackets. Ah well, it might prove to be ueful someday

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Maybe I can show in here!

to get bold - *bold*
to get italic - _italic_

and *s* is "smile"
*g* is "grin"
those would have come out in the blog as single bold letters, making no sense at all

7 Jun, 2011


Fran I have spellchecker on Goy now I have changed to Google Crome. I will try * & _ on my next blog *s*

7 Jun, 2011


lol ok; I'm resisting Google Chrome, as I do any "update now!" feature - at least until enough people have been on it to get the bugs out *g*

let us know how you get on! and if you find any other features

7 Jun, 2011


Did you try it, Anella? *s*

20 Jun, 2011


sigh, now that my pc probs are a thing of the past (she said with her fingers crossed) I can pick up the pieces - or as many of them as I can find - and get back into things!

4 Jul, 2011


to zoom in to a picture: there seem to be several ways, but for me the eaiest is to hold down CTRL and move the scroll wheel on the mouse - away from you to increase magnification, towards you to decrease magnification. Not just for pictures; can zoom in and out of text as well.

23 Aug, 2011


thought I mighty as well add this while I think of it, even if no one else ever reads it, at least it'll be here to remind me ...

lost cursor: if you cant see where the cursor is on the screen, you can set it to show you.

In XP, go to Control Panel, Mouse; click the "pointer options" tab, and at the bottom, there's a checkbox "show location of pointer when I press the Ctrol key". tick that, ok it.

Next time you're in Word and can't see where the cursor is, just press the CTRL - a circle will aprear and close in on the cursor location. It can be a bit annoying if you press CTRL by mistake, or don't press the key that should go with it to produce a shortcut or effect - you suddenly get a contracting circle appearing on the screen.

28 Jan, 2012

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