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Cave #3 re-retweak


I’d hoped that the cave would stay up at least until Yule, but it didn’t, so I had to rejig it. On December 21st, saw that it was down again: one of the supporting poles had broken, so it wasn’t my construction!

Made a smaller structure, well hammered in; the loose corner had to be reattached; couldn’t find the proper string so I used thin nylon twine – it held together that day, but had come off by the next day, so it’s a final goodbye for this version of the cave, though I might save the panels for the new one pro tem.

Still, it did what it was intended to do

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Hi Fran ..
Looking forward to more amazing cave designs ..
#5 #6 #7 #8 #9 and #10 ;o)))

28 Dec, 2014


lol I'm hoping that #4 will be the last for a while! the frame will be a lot stronger, and more strongly braced, and I'm going to peg it to the ground with tent pegs, and put a windbreak up around it to deflect the wind. STill not decided what to cover it with - thatch would be lovely but will probably end up with wtaerproof materidal.

That should last me long enough to find out the pros and cons of htat construction and work on a semi-ermanent structure and covering.

28 Dec, 2014


Fran, Saw this and thought of you! I have just seen something in a little brochure that came with my Gardener's World. You could check it out on Google. They're called 'cane and tube joiners' by Two Wests & Elliottt. Might be easier than lashing canes together! I expect other companies do something similar. Might be something to think about as you plan Mark 4.
Happy new year :)

31 Dec, 2014


that's brilliant! Thanks, Gee - not only the joiners, but the tubes to join as well! lol I'm going to be spending a lot of time on that site, and making lots of plans, no doubt

At th emoment, I have to lash the canes into place, which means there's always a bit of cane sticking out; I can'ty break them off right down to the tie, or the string miight just slip off. I've had some close encounters with those, luckily they're not at eye-level, but it's disconcerting to walk into something you didn't know was there. This looks a lot safer, and easier.

a very good start to my new year, thank you lots!

31 Dec, 2014


Pleased to help, Fran, you're like me - I like DIY - today I have rebuild my indoor tortoise pen and installed new heating and lighting for them. The old system packed up a couple of days ago but had lasted a good few years!

1 Jan, 2015


I sort of like diy, but only when I can't find exactly what I want in the shops, or the price has too many £££s in it. ther is a pleasure in looking at something and knowing that one built it, notjust put it together from a kit.- I'm making a bed at the moment!

2 Jan, 2015


That's very ambitious, Fran. It's too tempting - I've just got to say 'you've made your bed, now lie on it' :)

3 Jan, 2015


it's shaping up - I can see where it could have been done better, design if not execution! but it's all a learning process. I'll know better for my next one!

4 Jan, 2015

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