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I got a new camera about a year ago; Nikon bridge camera, though I’m still using it as point-and-shoot till I can manage to read – and understand! – the manual.

It has a terrific zoom, though the pictures were a tad clearer after I got a tripod for it: full-zoom and camera-shake don’t go well together.

But now ….
December 2016

January 2017


I still can’t get over how clear the photos are, even as a point-and-shoot – or that I’d ever be able to see details of something a quarter-of-a-million miles away!

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What fantastic shots Fran - brilliant!

(Though I was a bit fazed by what I took at first to be the date on the first one - especially as cameras weren't available in those days, lol!)
How are your bulbs doing?

19 Mar, 2017


Hi Stera, thanks for pointing that out: I hadn't noticed - obviously! corrected now, thanks.

I've not done much; fits and starts, mostly. The daffs are up and a lot of narcissi, various types of each, and crocus and grape hyacinth - seem to be scattered patches, no big drifts of colour.

I keep trying to group them, but once i dig them up, I can't tell what's what: I really should mark them while they're in bloom, so that I'll get to learn which bulb is what.

19 Mar, 2017


yes camera shake is the cause of many fuzzy pictures. the resolution is stunning too well done.

19 Mar, 2017


Fab pics Fran!

19 Mar, 2017


Thanks Seaburngirl and Waddy.

No matter how carefully i press the shutter release, there's always some pressure and that's enough to jolt the camera. I've got so many photos whre the moon looks like a squeeze of toothpaste! I really need a cable thingy but this camera doesn't have a slot for it, sigh.

But at elast I've got a stable platform for it ow, which helps. it's still a bit hit-and-miss, though, i really nust try to get the manual into accessible shape! but when it works, wow. i can't believe that, on the two lower photos, the camera caught the sun starting to light up the far side of some craters.

19 Mar, 2017


Fran, I salute you. I use Automatic all the time!

My camera would not be capable of photographing the moon even if I knew how to use it!

21 Mar, 2017


Hi Fran I don't even know if my camera will allow me to do manual. I think to moon is too far for my tiny camera. Congratulations on the pictures. Show a trip round shrewsbury if you cannot manage any garden ones. Such a lovely place when we stayed there.

21 Mar, 2017


That is amazing Fran.

21 Mar, 2017


@ Dorjac - before this i had a Kodak point-and-shoot which was better than my previus, but still nowhere as good as this one - not as much zoom, for one thing, and i didn't have a tripod, so the camera-shake led to some interesing "arty" squiggles and smears!
I've not been around town with the camera yet, but there's certainly plenty of Old Shrewsbury to have a go at.

28 Mar, 2017


@ Linda, thanks, I was pretty astonished at them myself! and once I get past the point-and-shoot and start learning how to tweak the settings ...

28 Mar, 2017

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