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Pontcysylite Aqueduct


November 16, 2016.

Went with my friend Ron to the Pontcysylite Aqueduct, the tallest navigable aqueduct in the world, designed and build by Thomas Telford.

As it was mid-November, it was f-f-flaming cold! The towpath was a bit tricky because the puddles had iced over – especially fun with people coming the other way and we had to pass each other!

There was snow on the ground and mist in the air: I took more photos of that than anything else, I think:

As we came down and round, a narrowboat was going across: with my new camera, this is normal view:

and this is on full zoom: if his mug had had a logo on it I’d almost have been able to read it

There’s an oddly specific sign …

Just downstream of the Aquesuct is Pont Cysylltau: I couldn’t find a date on it and forgot to look when I got back

River Dee upriver from the bridge:

A great afternoon out but my toes did need some thawing out!

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That place always scares me. Thank you for sharing your
trip out.

5 Apr, 2017


That was fast, Diane!

I hope to go back, but in warmer weather - lol if it had been very much colder we could almost have skated.

They do day-boat hire, but it needs a minimum number of people that's more than me and my friend. Hmm, a GoY day out??

5 Apr, 2017


A super place for a walk...but perhaps in warmer weather in future. Great pics!

5 Apr, 2017


thanks, Waddy. Just occured to me to try to visualise it in the old days, horses towing narrowboats must have been quite a sight from below

And no rail on the far side, so anyone leaning over the side of a boat would have a vry clear view all the way down to the ground - urk. I think i'd feel slightly less happy with no rail there

Some one I know up here has a - drone, is it called? flying thing with a camera. He got some brilliant photos of the Aqueduct - I'll have to get him to jon Fet so he can post some!

5 Apr, 2017


That might be interesting.

7 Apr, 2017


Only been there in the summertime Fran, don't think I'd fancy walking across if it was winter and slippery, my hubby won't even go near the pathway, he nearly has a blue fit when we are walking onto the aquaduct, you are obviously enjoying living there and visiting the new places....

15 Apr, 2017


We only went a little way [partly becaues of the cold, partly because of the iced puddles]; my friend Ron warned me when people were coming towards us so that I could stand by the railings and let them take the "outside edge" past us.

Perception of heights is a strange thing. My dad couldn't look over from high places - walkways round church towers etc, no matter how strong or tall the railings were. lol maybe it helps a bit to have slibhtly fuzzed vision?

16 Apr, 2017

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