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Well, still having to sit with the leg up…i am persevering, so dreadfully
hard though!! Swelling going down a tad now, but still quite painful…

My Visitor has still been visiting me, staying for a while then scarpering
off again..yesterday, i was a bit naughty, ventured out the back door with
the camera…took a few pics of my Visitor, also noticed whilst outside
there were a lot of Webs with Spiders in them…well 1 caught my eye as
i noticed the Spider was wriggling around with its captive in its grips
a Cranefly, i could not help but stare at this poor insect fighting for its
life,whilst being tied up with the Spider`s webbing ..after a while the Spider let go, walked away from the tied up victim..then,all of a sudden the Cranefly moved a bit, the Spider then dashed back to his prey to go on binding it even tighter..Doomed!!

Nature is so cruel at times, but i suppose Master Spider has got to eat
after all said & done its Natures way!!

I took a few pics, felt so bad whilst taking them…they are not that good
but just to show you, what i was witnessing..

Also, pics of my Visitor..Deida, i wonder if it is NUTKINS???

Weather is so depressing, and it feels a lot cooler today, still, try to
keep my pecker up!! Could be worse…

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Sounds a quite a drama in your garden Freesia got to feel sorry fo Daddy Long Legs have't you, hope your leg is soon better it must be so frustrating being static, its good job your visitor is keeping you company;0)

1 Oct, 2010


Oo`er, love the Photo`s of your visitor but pleased you haven`t included the spider,I know I`m a wimp but theres no chance of me changing now.I can understand your frustration at being incapacitated but don`t overdue it Freesia else it might take even longer to heal,
Its dreadful here today so armchair gardening is the order of the day.......

1 Oct, 2010


hope you feel better soon freesia, at least this weather you couldn't have been outside anyway ;0)

1 Oct, 2010


Bad weather and death by spider....what drama!! Hope the leg is improving.

1 Oct, 2010


Yes, Pp all this drama is doing me no good at all lol... Joking apart, it made
me go cold, just imagining what that poor insect went through..
So nice of you to think of me Pp My ankle is still sore, but feeling a lot
better than it was...

Linclass that is the Spider pictured clutching its victim, that`s the closest
i could get without blurring the pic....: ~ (( So glad you liked my little
visitor`s pics.....just as well, with this weather, i am indoors cosy & warm...

1 Oct, 2010


`Thank you Pam....i picked the right time to be inside resting up,
never mind,the rain is doing the Garden good, it should not last too long i hope!!

`Sounds like the title of a Film or Book Linda...yes such drama!!
Yes, feels a lot better, thanks Linda.... : ~ )))

1 Oct, 2010


Great wildlife observations Freesia...hope you are better soon..enjoyed the dramas !

1 Oct, 2010've been exploring against drs. advice but you can be forgiven. Your little squirrel is proving quite the's nice he keeps coming back to visit you and your photos show him so well.

I guess we have to be thankful for the relentless rain as our gardens will appreciate it....yes you're better inside snuggled up until it passes and until your leg heals properly. Take care.

1 Oct, 2010


Thanks for forgiving me Whistonlass!! It is so tempting just to take i step
outside to see what is going on...but you tend to get carried away, i do
promise it will not happen again...must get this ankle better, sooner rather than
later...See my visitor again today, had another peanut in its mouth...i would
love to know where they are getting them from?

2 Oct, 2010


`Glad you enjoyed my drama`s Bb.....i hope to be better soon...thank you Bb..

2 Oct, 2010


Hope so too Freesia...

2 Oct, 2010

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