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Night Visitors


Thanks to all members who took interest in my visitors.

What a surprise!!! I was overjoyed to hear from so many that love
Wildlife, apart from a few that have a few problems regarding them.

Deer were in again last night, chewing on my Holly bushes, felt sad about
the Holly bushes, But what the heck …. Its worth it sometimes to see
the wonder of them just standing there in the Moonlight.

Oh! What a lovely feeling of Happiness!!!!

Mr Fox comes in every night looking sad and forlorn. I had Mrs Fox in
with her young, you should have heard the sounds, sounded just like
lots of screaming young kittens. I do hope they all survive, I do my
best to help them all.

I am the envy of them all, well almost. Love hearing all your Stories about
all our Nightvisitors.

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We have a pair of Foxes too, agree the cries are quite bloodcurdling when the mothers calling her cubs,when I first heard it wondered what on earth it was.

26 Jan, 2010


wen i first move to htis farm it weer 3 day befor i had to go an look at hte wood - it weer neerly dark but i had to go
so, i put tractro in barn an short walk of down hte lane.
hte wood was creepy -lot of scratchin an nocks, funy taping an wining. a breeze ratel sum branch an hten i see hte mist.
it weer movin thru hte wood lik a silent, death, as i tred on broken wood, an it crack like a gunshot .
hte blood curdling shriek sent lektrik discharge all round my body, as my hair went verticle,an my legs feel lke rubber band
"YOUR DINNER REEDY!!" -an evrythin in wood stomp an race out in all directoin . . .deer, fox, bager, owl . stoat, weesil . . . . . . . . . excep for me

i walk bak in house wiht my hair like a punk star, an jmy eyes more open htan 10 cups of coffeee

"see anything nice?" she asked . . . . . an hten looked up

"oh my -you see a ghost?"

"yes" i said . . . . . . "MY OWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

26 Jan, 2010


Oooh! Derek! What a spooky tale.....

Sorry, freesia, I know I told you about my bloomin' badgers. If they'd behave themselves and not eat my bulbs, I might feel more kindly towards them!

27 Jan, 2010

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