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Your Favourite Gardening Magazines


Every Goyer must have their favourite Magazine?

I used to buy lots of different mags, some very pricey.and very upmarket.

My Favourites are “Amateur Gardening” and "Gardening News.

They are both reasonable, Weekly Magazines, full of Information given by
Top leading Gardeners, also lots of Gardening Tips and Problems solved
pages. Also lots of Information of places to visit, to browse and look at
lovely Gardens, even giving Dates and best times to go.
I especially love looking at attempted beautiful gardens loved and nurtured
by ordinary people like us. These people show us into there Gardens and
tell us what soil they have, what plants they love, and how they started and
finished their Gardens, with dedication!!

I came across these Magazines, bought them and never regretted it since.
I look forward to reading them each week, with a nice cup of tea, and a
chocolate biscuit. I recommend you do the same, you wont regret it!!

I must correct myself in calling the “Garden News” a Magazine it is
a Newspaper, you will find it with all the Gardening magazines.
So tell us about your favourite Magazines?

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I agree with all you said including the chocolate biscuit!
Best of all are the free seeds which come on occasions with Amateur Gardening, I have grown loads and given them away to friends and neighbours!

11 Feb, 2010


Thank you for your comment Valadel. ooh. I forget about the pack of free
Seeds. This weeks "Garden News" has free Tomato Seeds!!!

11 Feb, 2010


My favourite has always been Amateur Gardening.When I first started as a complete novice,many years ago,this was the one that helped me most.I found it was so easy to follow,and bought it every week ...still buy it now and then,if there are any seeds I want.
A cuppa and choccy biscuit,Freesia,just right with a gardening book.:o)).mmmm.

11 Feb, 2010


just nipping to the newsagents..thanx fresiaperson :o))

11 Feb, 2010


YES! i love Amateur gardening mag, even been to there Amateur gardening show at shepton mallet. usely held august/september time. Its really good.

11 Feb, 2010


Amateur Gardening i think is my favourite.

11 Feb, 2010


My favourite is Garden News....well I have to say that really as I am a regular it is an excellent publication packed full of excellent information. I always enjoy Carol Klein's articles.. As regards monthly "glossies" you can't beat Garden Answers...its always a good read.

11 Feb, 2010


Amateur Gardening Love the free seeds. Lots of interesting topics, and Grow Your Own full of tips advice on growing fruit and veg and the occasional free seeds to.

11 Feb, 2010


Well being over here the cost of British gardening mags is very expensive. I like to look at them in the shop but don't often buy them. For West Coast Canada gardening mags my favourites are 'Gardens West' and 'GardenWise'. The latter is mostly geared towards the milder coastal area but is still full of information and interesting gardens. The former puts out 2 different editions (soon to be 4) for the coast of BC and the other for the interior of BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. Neither mags give away free seeds. :o(

11 Feb, 2010


I have AG, as well - in fact, that's where I saw a mention of GOY way back - so you can blame them that I'm here! lol.

I do like Garden Answers, as well - and my 'treat' is a glossy - 'The English Garden'. Very extravagant - but such gorgeous gardens in there! :-)))

11 Feb, 2010


Thanks for all your comments, informing me of your favourite choice
of Magazines. It is so interesting to know what other Goyers choose to read.
Gilli thanks, for letting us know what your Favourites are in Canada.
So sorry you do not get any free seeds with your Mags. :0(

Expensive taste Spritz......Only the best for you, I dont blame you it
is a Treat!!!

I am glad others enjoy a nice cuppa and a choccy biscuit whilst
reading their Magazines....Bliss!

11 Feb, 2010


When I can afford it I buy Amateur Gardening I also like the gardening articles in the Sunday post and The Peoples Friend,I found G.o.Y through a Sunday supplement.

12 Feb, 2010


Thank you for your comment Mavisc52. A.G. seems very popluar, it
seems to be quite a favourite with everyone,as well as G.News. It is also
interesting to find out, how many found GOY through Magazines.
I was introduced to GOY by LadyEssex who is a good friend of mine.

12 Feb, 2010

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