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Plant Care Needed


I went to one of these Stores that sell almost everything;on Thursday.
As i needed some orchid Compost to repot my plants, i made my way
to the Gardening Dept. I must have seen every Compost you could
want, but, no Orchid Compost.
Whilst browsing, i saw rows of plants marked down as Sale Products
on inspection i noticed the soil they were potted in were BONE DRY
most of them were almost dead. I know they may recover with TLC
but these poor plants would need a Miracle to survive.

“Why oh why do these kind of Stores stock plants, Shrubs even Trees
when they have no got the right Enviroment and TLC for them?

I know we do Buy Plants from these places, i, myself have bought quite
a few.

“Why don”t people go to Garden Centres much any more, is it maybe
that they are too expensive,or that our Garden Centres are only now
used in Summer?

I checked, just to make sure with the Assistant of this Store to see
if they had my Compost in stock,she told me that they only had
Orchid food and not Compost, and to go to a Garden Centre, you will
definately find it there….well i am off to the Garden Centre this
Week-End LOL

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Such a pity when stores don't water plants...

6 Mar, 2010


As you correctly say. Garden centres are so expensive.

6 Mar, 2010


Thanks for your comments TT and Toto

6 Mar, 2010


It is the same in most stores even big supermarkets the plants are never watered, I buy my plants from a market stall that I know well , and I have a visit planned next month to a local market garden a favourite of mine.

7 Mar, 2010


The plants are probably treated a lot better than in stores and Supermarkets.
Its a good thing to buy from people you know well, at least you know
you are getting a good buy.
What scares me is that you could buy a plant, uncared for, and risk
Diseases, or have a lovely little critter called the vine weevil on board with
all the little eggs that go with it. I bet you are looking forward to your
visit to your local maket Garden Mavis.....wish i had one close to me.
You will have to let us know all about your visit afterwards.

7 Mar, 2010


We go to my fav GC, every 3rd week to buy our dog food,it`s cheaper than our local pet store, last time I purchased 2 new orchids at half the price they were selling at the supermarkets, I bought the food, forgot the orchid compost but at least I know that they do sell it, however they hadn`t got any of the clear pots,I`ve since bought them off the web because I couldn`t find any locally.
I have to say our local superstores do look after their plant sections but have seen others that don`t and yes it does annoy me, we have a Friday market with about 4plant stalls, the same people have been coming for years so obviously I know and trust them...

7 Mar, 2010


I never knew GCs sold dog food, and even cheaper than pet store. "Does
that tempt you to buy more for the Garden each time you visit?
It must be nice to be able to go a place that you know well and trust to
buy your favourite plants, pots etc. My local GC that i favoured closed
down, such a pity as i used to get good advice and bargains!
Never seem to get that anymore....

7 Mar, 2010

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