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Winter 2012


By galest


Thank god Januarys finally gone and with it the snow. Its been a very hard winter here in Hungary and probably the worst since we moved here 6 yrs ago. It wasnt as cold, tho it didnt feel it at the time only one -16 and a few -12 but the snow was never ending from the 11th of December to a week ago the garden was virtually covered in snow and at its worst almost 3ft deep.
Apart from a few perennials that look abit squashed from the weight of the snow the garden looks well and the soil is already workable which surprises me as I thought it wld be weeks before all the melting snow had drained away. The winter honeysuckle with its beautiful perfume is just coming into flower, theres a few daffs and crocus showing and the flower buds on the Apricot trees are clearly visable but thats about it. Hopefully it will start to warm up soon as its only 7wks till its offically Spring – what a lovely word. On the last weekend in March the Storks will arrive, usually a saturday or Sunday but dont ask me how they know! The males usually come first and repair the nest ready for the females (sounds good to me) arrival in the next few days. They stick to the same nest yr in and yr out and its said the females will give up a male but never their nest.
Ive been ordering plants over the last few weeks so with what didnt get planted before the snow the verandah looks like a small garden center. Ive some old fashioned roses, a snowdrop tree, a new tree peony, 3 clematis and 15 perennials, plus my friend will be out in 2 weeks and shes bringing all the plants people wouldnt post out here and at the last count about 20 more perennials.
It may seem abit over the top but I have to plant all my new plants for the year before May as by then its too hot and in past years most of what was planted in or after May I lost which apart from being so disapointing becomes very costly so I learned my lesson.
I hope everyone elses gardens have come thro the winter well like mine.

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3 feet of snow?. We think it's bad here if we get 3 inches.

There's nothing like some new plants to get you in the mood for spring!

5 Feb, 2013


Good luck with all that planting , Galest , you are going to be busy .

5 Feb, 2013


Galest you have had along winter but wow your garden sounds amazing and you are going to be so busy planting.

It will be a real pleasure again for you to get into your garden like all of us.

6 Feb, 2013


Hope you can post some photographs of the Storks !

I saw a Black one once. Was sitting on the ground in a car park near the Severn Estuary eating my lunch under my cycle cape, as Pigeons about. This bird flew very sedately past the car park, heading for Slimbridge where it knew there was food.
Couldnt get my camera out quickly enough.
Oh well, there are always memories !

6 Feb, 2013


Down in the dumps today as I woke up to more snow and theres alot on its way over the next 2 wks, serves me right for talking about how well the garden looked after the snow went - Oh well i ll just have to keep looking at the plants waiting to go out and tell myself Spring IS on its way! Yes of course I will post some pics of the Storks. They erect platforms on the lamposts here for them to build their nests on but there is a house a few doors behind me where theres a huge next on a chimneytop it must be a good 3ft across so i ll try for some pics there. They are everywhere tho ive had them in my garden (much to my dogs dismay) and when yr driving along you see them on the grass verge and in the fields. After 6 yrs I still find them amazing and if you see them flying low its like watching a scene out of Jurassic park, however it can be quite startling if they swoop across in front of yr car.
Back to looking at gardening books now!

6 Feb, 2013


Thank you. Amazing how conditions and wildlife differ in other countries. I look forward to seeing the pictures.

It is being said now that Buzzards are taking the Rabbits around here. When we were young years ago we never saw this bird, or a Red Kite.

About 4 years ago I was pushing my bike up a hill on the Brigstock-Oundle road. Felt I was being watched. Looked up and 3 Buzzards were in a horizontal line, above me, riding the thermals, gazing down at me with their big brown eyes. Must have been fascinated with my yellow Dayglo safety top. I called out to them " You lot stay up there !" Then they cleared off.

6 Feb, 2013


I'm pleased to hear the snow has gone for you , and it is now possible for you to get out to your garden. It's such a relief to see signs of spring :o)

7 Feb, 2013


Dianebulley I get buzzards in the garden usually deep in the middle of Winter. I think they are attracted by all the small birds on the feeders and ive found the odd pile of blue tit feathers around the same time. Sad but they all have to survive.
Weathers changed Hywel cold North winds thats blown down the garden for 3 days now and froze the soil so will have to wait awhile longer to get out there.

8 Feb, 2013

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