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  • Amaryllis
  • DSC06225
  • Cacti in kitchen window 14th September 2021
  • Double sunshine!
  • Golly,a Gollum!
    Flowering Shrubs
  • My favourite hellebore.
  • Hyacinths Dark blue & White with buds in trough on balcony Close up 30th March 2018 (Hyacinthus orientalis (Hyacinth))
  • Rosa 'Gentle Hermione'
    Pink Roses
  • Chinese rose on balcony 26th April 2021
  • Sheila's brilliant pink Salvia  (Salvia)
  • Touches of snow on the ploughed field.
    Sky Pictures
  • Joshua Tree - Yucca brevifolia

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  • Daphne cneorum (Daphne cneorum (Brijacica))
    Daphne cneorum
  • Geum rivale Album (Geum rivale Album)
    Geum rivale
  • Alyssum (Alyssum saxatilis)
    Alyssum saxatilis
  • Nasturtium bud on balcony 12th May 2022 (Macro) 002 (Tropaeolum majus (Compact Nasturtium))
    Tropaeolum majus

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  • Bruno says "Hi everyone"
  • Hollboellia
    My Garden
  • Malvern Spring Show 2019
    Malvern Spring Ga...
  • Autumn Tree's
    Belfair's Woods

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