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Rhododendron - (pale pink)

Genus: Rhododendron.

Species: Rhododendron.

bought this plant from ebay - but not from michael - i think staffsmore plants, early last spring. if i remeber rightly it is quite a common white variety. so will have to wait until it flowers to try and id it.

i have plans for it to go in raised rhodo bed in the front garden, - it is currently in the green house.

this little beauty has buds all over it that are PINK! now i know that i bought one that was suposed to be white, so is it just the outside colour of the bud? -coz you do get this with some rhodo's or have i been sent the wrong variety? - not that i mind at all as i do love pink ones, and i already have another white one anyway, so its not a problem either way. April 08 i planted this one out into the front garden in place of the other pink one which got damaged when john was fixing the fence! so we will have to see what happens!

late april 2008 - the flowers are opening! and it is a very pale pink, with a dusty creamy lemon throat.

Photos of this plant

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