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Rose 'Alpine Sunset' (hybrid tea - golden-peach)

Genus: Rosa.

Species: Rosa.

Alpine sunset is a good bedding variety and produces large, golden-peach fragrant blooms in summer and autumn on sturdy growth, good for cutting.
height 70cm, will thrive in most well-drained soils best on an open sunny site. feed twice a year spring after pruning and again in summer.

bought from michael november 2007, and i have planted in right hand bed inbetween the red robbin and eleagnus. will get plenty of sun there but i have a feeling it may not be free draining enough - so i will have to keep an eye out for problems. the soil is still very clay in this area, and it is against the fence dividing us from johns garden, and john does tend to leave his sprinkler on for hours in the summer, so will have to see what happens because if it does do well it will look stunning in this posstion!

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