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Genus: Rubus.

Species: Rubus fruticosus.

Loch Ness

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Reminders for this plant

Due about 12 years ago:

Early nov. get soft fruit area created, dig over veg bed, empty compost bin

Plan for: late October, sort seeds and put into date order of planting.

Create area for planting of clematis when they arrive.

Empty and clean tomato containers and store for winter.

Tidy and reorganise the "back" area of garden.
Clean block paving. Set up soft fruit area.

.autumn jobs.

Bought plants = Gooseberry. Black Cuurant.
Raspberry and Logan berry.
Need weeds taking off top, prune edges of plant, get rid of dead leaves. Put in situ.

Tidy up other container plants in block paved area.

Look to buy blackberry plant and evergreen clematis.

Pot up some containers with heather chrysanths etc., fo by wheelie bins.