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Seakale / brassica's

Genus: Brassica.

Species: Brassicaeae maritima.

Learning about seakale have planted seeds.
Sow in trays in temperature of 60°f - 65°f.
Transplant plants 2’6”
Grow like cabbage.
Cut off tops by November (and put on the compost heap as it is tough and not pleasant to eat). Ensure ground area is slug free (use our Banish). Cover plants individually with plastic buckets or similar. Tender golden shoots appear prepare and use like Asparagus really delicious.
Perennial in habit.

Broccoli, cabbage,summer/autumn/winter, sprouts and Kale, etc
Companion plant nasturtium. Net greens to avoid cabbage white butterfly
Learning about seakale have planted some seeds.
curly ale.
Kale Black tuscan isshade tolerant.

Photos of this plant

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