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Elephants ears.

Genus: Bergenia.

Species: Bergenia cordifolia.

The man next door had this plant in his garden, I liked it , so I bought one too.

It is not the same coloured flower, his is a pale pink flower which flowers earlier than mine. It is much smaller variety too.

The plant I have is a darker (medium shade) pink, the leavesa are much larger. It is a good plant, because even when it has no flowers on, the leaves are interesting the do sho other colours from red to purple as they die off.

I have it along the edge of the drive, my husband tends to drive the car over them, they are quite forgiving and bounce back up.

I have transferred peices into the back garden, where they have taken well at the back of the bed, but have not lowered yet.

It is quite easy to progergate.

Photos of this plant