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Carnation 'Miss Pinky'

Genus: Dianthus.

Species: Dianthus.

I would expect blooming throughout the summer but this last was just oo cool. Nice spicy scented miniature carnation, one of my favorite flowers. Zone 6 at best yet I piled on the straw and will use a cold frame to bring in the spring. I may have this a survivor for years to come. This is the first of many I hope, a new addiction. I did find that removing the first bud on each stem stimulated the stem to shoot out more stem and more flowers were born on each.

Photos of this plant

  • 2008_0815aug10_aug150074
  • 2008_0831aug17_310044
  • 2008_0831aug17_310088
  • 2008_0831aug17_310086
  • 2008_0831aug17_310087
  • 2008_0909sept4_sept90119
  • 2008_0909sept4_sept90126
  • 2008_0909sept4_sept90124
  • 2008_0915sept9_sept210001