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Tomatoes/ Tomatillo's/ Huckleberries.

Genus: Lycopersicon.


Put canes in then plant tomato to avoid root damage.
Tie vine type to canes and remove sideshoots
bush type leave sideshoots on, mulch under with straw if wet.

When you put a tomato in a pot, put a layer of manure (or compost if you don't have manure), a layer of banana skin, then a layer of nettles and then soil on top. The tomato's planted in this way seem to have done better than the placebo plants.
Greenhouse ones started ripening mid june.
Feed regularly with a seaweed tomato fertiliser, for flavour.
Protect from slugs when small.
Old fashioned varieties taste better (and unlike F1's) seed can be saved for the following year,
Cherry varieties tend to be earlier and sweeter. Plum tomatoes are good for sauces and bottling.
Tomaatillo's in the greenhouse grew larger than I expected, and the caylix are filling rapidly
Save heritage seed for these as for Cape Gooseberry. F1 seed will not come true...
Outdoor tomatoes suffered late blight advice on net.......
Resistant cultivars; Sanitation; Avoid water on leaves; Grow in poly hoop houses; Copper.

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