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Amarylis 'piquant'

Genus: Hippeastrum.

Species: Hippeastrum papilio.

My first amarylis, inspired me to go directly to the nursery for more. Huge striped petals with fascinating structure. I had a baby sprout alongside as well. I plan moving the plant to the garden for summer to help it juice up for next winter. I'm so excited!

Photos of this plant

  • 2008_1217dec15_dec170011
  • 2008_1217dec15_dec170009
  • 2008_1227dec20_dec270002
  • 2008_1227dec20_dec270003
  • 2008_1227dec20_dec270032
  • 2010_0502april0052
  • 2010_0502april0051
  • 2010_0507april0041