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Rose 'Abraham Darby' (David Austin)

Genus: Rosa.

Species: Rosa 'Abraham Darby'.

bought from david austin web site begining of December 2007.

(Auscot) - English repeat flowering rose
planted next were the old apple tree was in right hand bed before the woodland area.

English rose collection bred by David Austin
Colour: apricot and yellow, tinted with pink, double/full bloom. tall shrub/short climber. hardy, strong fruity fragrance, repeating-good. strong arching growth.

a well formed shrub of shapely, bushy growth, in early summer it is studded with large, deeply cupped blooms in shades of pink, apricot and yellow, and in spite of theeir size, these continue to be produced for the remainder of the season. an excellent vigorous shrub.
5ft x 5ft

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